Monday, June 25, 2007

Cribbage Rockhampton...

Well, after several days of searching BB and I finally found a cribbage board in Rockhampton, Australia.  We even got one on sale!  The store that saved us was Toy World... we had just checked out a game store at Northside Plaza that had advertised online they had cribbage boards and yet they had none... we were driving around just looking, even stopped at the Salvation Army to see if they might ahve a board, but to no avail.  As we were heading toward home we saw a Toy World store and I quickly pulled in. 

Turns out they had two boards... both made in China...l and one was the kind with a hinge that folds up for easy travel and also included a deck of cards.  It also has three tracks so it was certainly the best one for us.

When we got back we tried it out.  BB and I played first a two-player game and altough it was his first time playing BB won.  Next we played a three-player game with DS and DS won that game -- and yes, it was HIS first time playing also.

Then we decided to play one more game and BB won that one pretty soundly so I am so far 0 for 3 on the new board.  Me, the great Crash Cribbage inventor... busted by two crib-rookies.  Very sad, but at least I got them hooked. :o)

And, to mark the occasion I carved the date we bought the board and the location on the back.  I also carved the names of the two winners and put marks for their wins.  We'll see how many each of us has by the time we leave here.

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Frank Baron said...

I've been getting my buns beat by a relative rookie too. It'll even out over time though.

Even out = I win 65% of the games. ;)