Monday, July 23, 2007

Crash cribbage reviewed by Michael Schell...

In case you missed this one on Crash Cribbage from a few years back.

From Cribbage Forum:
"If you've ever played a race-type game such as Sorry! or pachisi in which you can bump into and send back your opponent's tokens, then you'll feel right at home with crash cribbage, the brainchild of American journalist and cribbage enthusiast Joseph Kane. Basically, crash cribbage plays the same as regular cribbage, except that all players' pegs are moved on the same track. If in the course of pegging a score, you reach a hole occupied by an opponent's peg, that peg is crashed and relinquishes the hole to your peg. If you crash your opponent's rear peg, it is moved forward past his front peg, increasing his score. If you crash your opponent's front peg, it is moved backward behind his rear peg, decreasing his score. The amount of the increase or decrease is determined by the distance between your opponent's pegs. For example, if your opponent's pegs are ten holes apart, crashing his rear peg adds ten to his score while crashing his front peg subtracts ten from his score."

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