Monday, November 26, 2007

King's Cribbage tournament nears completion!!!

The first ever King's Cribbage online tournament is nearing completion!

Here are the results (as they come in):
1st. ?
2nd. Loser of Schrizo vs Scaggcares
3rd. Dana
4th. Jane
T5th. Dandan
T5th. Jennett1
T7th. Traxter
T7th. Belinda
T9th. Ybbihs
T9th. Cribbage King
T9th. Jwaut
T9th. Perceptive1
T13th. Bethmad
T13th. Mchenkle
T13th. Scags
T13th. Nannan

Here are the rules:

It is a 64 player double elimination tournament.
(So if you lose to one player you aren't out of it!)
To play a tournament match, when you setup the game, choose "Tournament Style Match"

People watching tournament games will be prevented
from chatting so they can't distract the competitors.

The 64 players will be seeded by current rating in the KC online world.
So #1 seed will play #64 seed to start, #2 vs #63 etc.

Each matchup will be a best of 3 series to advance. (first to two wins)
You will have 3-4 days to complete each round.
You can organize times to play with your opponent by leaving notes in the lounge, through our
message forum or I can coordinate through emails.

The prizes are the following:

1st place: $50, plus free Kings Cribbage board game
2nd place: $25, plus free Kings Cribbage board game
3rd place: Free Kings Cribbage board game
Raffle prize: Free Kings Cribbage board game

Watch for complete wrapup after the final matches are completed.

To play this excellent game goto: http://www.kingscribbageonline.com/ and be sure to check the link at the top left of this page for an interview about the game with KC online designer Damien Blond!

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