Monday, April 2, 2007

All things great and pegged...

So I take a few days off updating the crib blog and WOW... it builds up quickly... but here I am back at it again with a whole gaggle of cribbige links to entertain amuse and further inspire you to cribbage hieghts!!!
Happy pegging,

By contadine
Ended up being able to take the day off work after all. Slept in, did a few things around the house, then went for dinner with my parents, youngest brother and his girlfriend. Played a few games of cribbage after dinner. ...
Fat Chick

Rapid Fire Learning - March 2007

By Steve Sherlock
Inside tip, be prepared to play a good game of cribbage! My wife will attest to Phil's card skills/luck. And while they were picking on each others cards, I managed to scoot ahead to victory by the barest of margins. ...
Passion for the Good Customer Experience

a little excitement
By crookedcorners
Once everyone was safe inside to play cribbage or watch “The Price is Right” or eased onto the toilet seat by a helping hand, I wrapped my scarf on real tight and went out to check the underside of our ride. ...
Crooked Corners Online

We're Funny! Here's why.
By bjh
Then we brought the party home for some cribbage. Had another drink. And continued with our obsessive ways. "Betsy, why isn't he calling me?," "I don't know Robin, why isn't he calling me?" Eventually, we moved to more interesting ...

By Ner
I threatened them with learning cribbage, and they said "good luck". Good luck? Come on, it's not as bad as bridge! Talk about a complicated game, Bridge is fun but REALLY complicated. Cribbage is a walk in the park. ...
Ner's Random Musings on a life...

It is not just like riding a bike...well yes it is...if your me.
By Stacy
We spend our free time I assume much like nursing home residents playing a few cribbage games each night. I am just hoping it gets trendy like knitting or other card games... We also eat a lot of strained dinners and Jennifer comes over ...
Stacy's random thoughts and opinions

Vacations Are Heaven
By Ann(Ann)
We played games with our kids - card games, Mancala and cribbage. We did a big floor puzzle of the United States. Paul and I had several basketball games together. He was quite crafty in getting me to play a VERY long game. ...
Crazy for Kids

San Diego –> Arizona –> Minnesota By Brian
I’m ready to play some cribbage with grandpa George. Let’s hope I don’t get skunked! I’d like to put some photos here, but the website isn’t letting me! Go to my recent photos to see pictures of all kinds of beautiful people I’ve been ...

Friday Happy Hour at the Elysian Fields Bar & Grill
By TR Sullivan
Know how to play cribbage? It's big in the Rangers clubhouse. * Mark Teixeira missed time in Spring Training because of a strained knee, but said, "There are always challenges in Spring Training. There's always something going on and ...
Postcards from Elysian Fields

Long evenings with the US advisers: Phan Thiet: Vietnam

By vnrozier(vnrozier)
In the Bahamas on Golding Cay, Green Slave Station which was off Andros, I used to play endless hours of cribbage. There was a little poker from time to time with visiting Americans but although I liked the game I always avoided high ...
Vietnam, Photos and Notes of...

2003 Di Majo Norante Contado
By Joe(Joe)
I should have decanted this wine, the Contado should improve with some more bottle time. It was an excellent match for a game of cribbage and lightly salted pretzels. 13.5% alcohol. Score: 16/20 Cost: C$18 (LCBO). Great Value! ...
Joe's Wine

Crayfish and Cribbage
By Her on the Hill(Her on the Hill)
throwing a particularly huge and angry crayfish onto a table of men quietly engaged in a game of cribbage. Apparently they all recoiled in horror as this thing skidded across the table, scattering cards, pegs and beer, and snapping ...
View from the High Peak

Playing in the craft room
By Debbie(Debbie)
Tony, my adorable son, is holding the Dirty Dog score book. He put lots of cute doggie stuff on his book. Kellie, the cutie pie on the right, is holding the Cribbage book. We used the miniature cards to make a perfect 29 cribbage hand. ...
Welcome to the Shoe Closet

March 22, 2007
By Popo(Popo)
There was also lots of knitting and games of cribbage – no visit to Florida is complete without cards. All the while, Grandma showered me with tips that she’s learned along the way. She told me about how she packs for a trip the week ...
The Bottom of the World and Beyond!

The house that salmon built
MaineToday.com - Portland,ME,USA
Members of the Veazie Salmon Club meet mornings to play cribbage and talk about the good old days of salmon fishing. From left are Dick Ruhlin, Phil Church, ...
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Re: HP HALL OF FAME what if?
Well here are my nominees and their category: Most one-liners: Spanky McFarlane Cribbage Board King: Henry "Deal 'Em" Black Best Party Host: Tied between Bobby & Gary Leonard Biggest Penny Pincher: Big ‘Un from TP for all the F...
NukeWorker Forum

Thank You
By Phaedrous
I am sitting in my bedroom as I write this after soundly thumping my daughter in cribbage (skunked her the last game, tho she claims she let me win because it's my BD - haw). I spent the day being a parent and indulging myself in some ...
Lightning Strikes Twice

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