Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday: In-Laws

FROM Randy Peterman
Two of my four in-laws are in town this week and I’ve really enjoyed the time with them. They put up with my craziness and sometimes contribute to it. They’re neat folks, they both love Christ, and they both walk in liberty. This morning they took us out to breakfast and then they’re off in the mountains with the rest of the family while I work (or blog as the case may be). These in-laws are the ones I knew best during my dating and engagement to Jessica and so I have longer memories with them. They’re a hoot to play cribbage with if you can get them to do so.

My other in-laws, who I don’t want to forget about in this post, are also pretty neat. They’ve got two teenage girls in their home… so I’m watching carefully because eventually I too will have two teenage girls in my home. Since I’ve known them a shorter amount of time (just shy of nine years of meeting in person) its been a different relationship because the time has been less and the frequency even lesser. They also put up with my shenanigans and contribute to them on occasion. These in-laws play a nasty hand of cribbage as well, but also will play Aggravation, Risk and Scrabble.

You can’t beat in-laws (its against the law [see previous notes about shenanigans and understand this is a play-on-words]), and I love mine. I’m thankful for them.

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