Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cribbage and simple justice...

From Simple Justice:

"Finally, the second defense attorney, gets his turn at bat:

After the jury has had breaks between Marty and Rogosheske’s closing statements, all are seated and ready to hear the words of the loquacious Mr. Short.
His closing argument is dramatic, his voice rising to a shout at some points, and dropping to a whisper at others. The government has tried to put “round pegs in square holes and left splinters all over the courtroom,” he says. Flapping his long arms like a seagull headed out to sea, Short tells the jury that the defense lawyers could have “come in here and played cribbage for two weeks and the result would have been the same.” The government’s case doesn’t “make a lick of sense,” he says.

After an hour, Judge Patrick Schiltz cautions Short that it’s time to wrap it up. Short goes on for another 20 minutes until he gets to his grand finale:

“There is only one verdict you can return,” he tells the jury in a booming voice. “And that is GUILTY.”

“You mean ‘not guilty,’” Schiltz whispers to Short."

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