Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cribbage: Card game of Vermont...

From No Grandmother:


"Constant games of cribbage: this was the game of the pre-dinner cocktail hour, and I was shocked to recently discover that my sister never learned. I remember Gogo teaching me and Liz together. He had a very effective method of teaching the rules: if we missed a point, he would take it. He had a whole series of Cribbage Sayings: "cut 'em deep, sleep in the street," "15-2, 15-4, and there ain't no more."

I taught my friend Lara how to play cribbage, and we would play constantly when we were on debate trips---it was on one trip that I lost Dad's cribbage board and had to buy him a new one. There was a man who would go with us as chaperone and judge (he was not a parent, so I don't remember why he was interested) who had an old travel-size cribbage board that had been given to him by his grandfather, and he gave it to me because she and I were the only people he had known since his grandfather to play the game. I still have it.

I would love to teach my Wicked Stepchildren how to play: I think 2 of them might even be interested."

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