Monday, January 12, 2009

Cribbage aids in hip surgery recovery...

From Yakima-Herald:

"...Medication took care of the pain part, and our daughter had left the cribbage board and cards, which we hoped would help with the boredom problem. When you combine Russ' level of sedation, and the fact that we hadn't played cribbage for at least 30 years, you have a unique game.

We made four starts, stopping each time because we'd done something stupid, or couldn't remember what to do next. A nurse asked who was winning, and I replied, "Umm ... nobody." Russ just moaned softly. The constant shuffling of cards kept him occupied, though.

I went home and found our Hoyle's rule book for games, with its yellowed, dog-eared pages and torn cover. It was first copyrighted in 1887, and ours was the 1948 reprinting, but I guess cribbage rules don't change much in a century...."

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