Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cribbage coffee table...

From Debbie-Burns:

"...Yet another thing partially inspired by Nikki. She mentioned that her dad had seen something on a recent trip to Minnesota that was a coffee table that was on big cribbage board. I’ve scoured the internet looking for something like this, just to get some sort of mental image, but have come up with anything that really illustrated the idea I had in mind for this (Toward the bottom of this page is the closest thing I could find, but still not quite what I have in mind, plus yowza, nearly 500 bucks). At any rate, even if we were able to locate one on the internet or in the fail state of Minnesota (you heard me), it’d still probably be cheaper to make my own. Plus then, I could make it to my own specifications. I told my dad about the idea and he jumped right on that. He likes building things, and in fact, most of the wooden furniture in our house was built by him, including end tables, TV stands, book cases, computer desks, etc..."

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