Sunday, February 1, 2009

A fishy cribbage tournament

From Stripers Online:

"...Learner came away with all with all the plugs & jigs by winning the 4th Mass SOL Cribbage Challenge! Learner shot through the Winners Bracket of the double elimination event by defeating Lost in Central, XYZ, and by a very close margin Angler#1. Angler #1 was concerned that his one goal of meeting Learner in the finals of one of these events was once again taken away by chance. But, he soon realized that by dropping back to the losers bracket and scoring one victory his lifelong goal could still be achieved Angler was now focused on the losers bracket and watched as Basser was working his way up the bracket by defeating all the earlier losers. Basser emerged from the bracket to take on Angler #1..."


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