Monday, March 19, 2007

Chandler's greatest opponent...

Cribbage spans the generational gap!

From Chandler:

My Greatest Opponent

Yesterday, at the family farm I visited my grandfather, and as usual we played some cribbage. He's definitely slowed down (he is 86 afterall), but he's still awesome. I've still never played anyone better. In our first game I got a 15+ point lead with less than 30 points to go, and won 121-120. Best game I've seen in awhile. Then in game two, he kicked my ass. After the second game he had some farm chores to get to, so we decided that ending in a 1-1 split was probably the best way to end it anyway. My grandfather has arthritis so bad that he can't shuffle, and sometimes even struggles to cut the deck, but I've got to tip my hat to him. He's still the best cribbage player I've ever encountered.

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