Monday, March 19, 2007

The woman from away....

Here is a great little short story that I stumbled across, and not just because it mentions cribbage. Take a minute to read it and enjoy...

"...He could light a match using his thumbnail, an ability we very much admired and, to his delight, were always trying to imitate. He taught us all how to play cribbage and dominoes, shear a sheep, harness a horse and fish for eels. He told us stories of great ship wrecks and the young men taken by the sea, stories of being a merchant seaman in his younger days, stories of finding sin and redemption in the same ports, stories of the revenue man and his endless search for Bill's well hidden and well protected whiskey stills. From his front porch rocking chair, he taught us sea songs his grandfather had taught him......"
Full story

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