Monday, March 26, 2007

Chasing the cribbage dream...

From blatius:

"It turns out that there is an American Cribbage Congress (I always thought that the governing body of Cribbage tournaments should be called the Cribbage Board) – and I’ve been on their website before to find that there are no Cribbage clubs anywhere in Oklahoma. As it turns out, there is one in Dallas that holds tournaments each Wednesday evening – but there was nothing else scheduled in the area. But, I called the guy running the club just to see what was up in the area. He was a great guy, who makes Cribbage boards (I intend to buy one), and it turns out that in April, the Saturday before my birthday, they are hosting a tournament that is part of the National ACC tournament. You have to be a member to play – but memberships are only 10.00 a year. For 35.00, you get the cost of membership (which gets a member number as well as subscription to their magazine), cost for the tournament, as well as putting into the pot for a number of winnings for the evening (first 29 score in hand, highest skunk points, and others)."
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