Saturday, February 9, 2008

Amy Sample Ward loves cribbage...

From Portland On Fire: http://www.portlandonfire.com/amysampleward/

"I am also into doing small things every day that could add up to a better life and a better world, like biking (a lot, especially with Max, Rachel, and Zach!), choosing a vegan diet of local, organic produce, and smiling at strangers. I really love game nights with friends, especially some good competition of 25 Words or Less, Pictionary, or Cribbage. If I’m not or cannot be on a bike ride (non-commute ride, that is) then a hike or long walk with the pup is pretty predictable. Spare time is usually reserved for visiting with family (I grew up in Forest Grove, w00t!), or drinking Portland coffee with friends..."

See full article here: http://www.portlandonfire.com/amysampleward/

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