Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man is "victim" to two 29 hands...

From Beloit Daily News:

"Two Beloit cribbage players recently beat the odds and held 29 hands. A mutual friend happened to be the opponent in both games. It's said that the chance of being dealt a 29 hand in cribbage is one in more than 100,000. A player who is dealt six cards must put two cards in the “crib.” If he or she keeps a jack, or “nobs,” and three fives, and the “turn-up” card happens to be the five of the suit of the aforementioned jack, it's a perfect hand.

WITH THAT information in mind, consider what happened to Beloit cribbage fan Rob Rassmussen recently. And try to calculate the odds of it happening to one player. A million-to-one might be a conservative guess."

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