Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cribbage tournaments etc...

From A Rose by Any Other Name:

"He was in Reno to compete in a Cribbage tournament. I know what your thinking... There are Cribbage tournaments? You bet and soon he will be a Master Cribbage player. If you like cribbage check out The American Cribbage Congress. According to their website over 1,000 people attended the tournament in Reno this past weekend. There are clubs all over the country including one here in Mesa. Since I am not going to be doing much in Toastmasters next year, maybe I should join the local Cribbage Club. But I am thinking I may be WAY younger then the average member. Even my Dad says that he is surrounded by gray hair when he is at these tournaments. And he is 62! But you never know what can happen."

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