Monday, April 7, 2008

Cribbage crawlin'...

From PubCrawlin'

"We walked inside to find a small bar to seat five and two tree trunk-cut tables with cribbage holes drilled right into them. The brewing room was also at the entrance, housing what is probably a 2 or 3 barrel system (we didn’t check it out that closely, nor did we ask.) In the dining area there are about 15 small tables - some of them pulled together to accommodate groups. Inside there is a feeling of late summer where the walls meet the ceiling. Hop bines have been painted there, as if to bring the patio feel inside all year long (the painting is simple, yet beautiful, featuring a variety of identifiable insects including ladybugs, moths and butterflies. There are big windows to the outside, and some small stained glass interior windows featuring shafts of grain. Outside, the world is completely white and a cold wet snow is falling hard - the only color comes from the cars traveling by."

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