Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Perfect man... cribbage player...

From Gertrude Granny Panties:

– Makes fun a little.
– Doesn’t like little dogs.
– Doesn’t have a truck so big I can’t get into it without flashing my goodies.
– Is more butch than I am.
– Is a balance between metro and rugged.
– Has to be taller and weigh more than I do.
– Has no homosexual tendencies.
– But is not homophobic.
– Can handle the interaction between my sister and I.
– Thinks I’m sexy.
– Is a handyman. Or at least can fix what I can’t.
– Is similar to my dad, but more romantic.
– Is good at heart.
– Doesn’t belittle.
– Thinks I am everything he has ever dreamed of.
– Takes vacations.
– Doesn’t need to be entertained.
– Pays enough attention to me, but doesn’t smother.
– Gives constructive criticism.
– Is confident.
– Is not jealous. I am flirty by nature.
– Thinks I’m cool ;)
– Doesn’t drink caffeine drinks (energy drinks).
– Likes hot tea.
– Appreciates my morals/hard work.
– Knows I will never cheat.
– Can be with the guys.
– Let’s me be one of the guys.
– Takes care of me when I am sick.
– Surprises me.
– Doesn’t smoke. (Unless he is on fire ;)
– Thinks I should be in a safe car.
– Holds the door open for me.
– Has a college degree.
– Is artistic.
– Wears converse sneakers.
– Has a good sense of humor.
– Is passionate about life and about me.
– Is political.
– Loves red wine.
– Will take me dancing.
– Has his own (running) vehicle.
– Is older than me.
– Has strong hands and long fingers.
– Is respectful.
– Is drama free and proud of it.
– Is motivated.
– Has a good appetite and can out eat me at every sitting.
– Lets me be me.
– Has his own place.
– Loves the rain.
– Is NOT from Clatsop County.
– Volunteers to change the oil in my car.
– Respects my challenges/ insecurities.
– Doesn’t hold me back.
– Doesn’t hold back.
– Loves architecture and history.
– Has curly/waxy hair.
– Has minimal body hair (though a bit furry is growing on me).
– Thinks I should get regular massages ;)
– Understands that I work just as hard as he does.
– Is responsible.
– Does not make excuses.
– Only apologizes when he really means it.
– Follows through with promises.
– Likes talk radio.
– And F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
– Can compromise.
– Is strong willed.
– Makes good money (is financially stable).
– Makes me want to be a better person.
– Is not an alcoholic.
– Loves sex. A lot.
– Is open to wearing pink.
– Likes sushi.
– Helps teach me how to cook.
– Wants to know me.
– Asks the questions others don’t.
– Can hold a conversation for hours.
– Reads my poetry.
– Appreciates me.
– Knows my favorite flowers.
– Leaves notes on my car.
– Encourages me to love and learn.
– Wants to travel.
– Plays chess and cribbage.
– Loves board games.
– Reads the paper and watches the news (to keep me informed ;)
– Likes the way I dress.
– Dresses the way I like (on his own of course).
– Is not an angry person.
– Isn’t over emotional.
– Has his own life.
– Is not co-dependent.
– Is my (second to Meags) best friend.
– Has no desire to ever do drugs.
– Loves to read.
– Takes care of his body.
– Eats healthy (and inspires me to do the same).
– Thinks I am beautiful.
– Understands my personality.
– Applauds my strengths and downplays my weaknesses.
– Is in to things I am not.
– Is a nerd.
– Likes to joke around.
– Loves his family.
– Doesn’t want children but is great with kids.
– Will never cheat.

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Anonymous said...

I learned how to play cribbage in 7th grade Algebra.

We used to have tournaments and I even beat my teacher. One of my shining moments in life.

Thanks for the plug!

Gertrude ;)

Joe said...

My pleasure Gertrude,
Have you ever tried Kings Cribbage? There's a great online version that is really fun to play. Maybe you could find your perfect man there. ;o)

There's a link to it on the left side of this page under CribLinks.