Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cribbage matches... really

From days gone by:
"talking, eating impromptu batches of fudge, always laughing, and more times than not, playing cribbage. hour after hour, we’d play cards and talk and laugh and chase the girls back up to bed and on and on it went. i can’t begin to imagine the number of cribbage games we must’ve played. we’d always keep track of the games through the night, but never cumulatively. i will always look back on those couple of years as a true crossroads in my life as i helped raise a child in her first year, grew to meet two other children who would become my almost-daughters, and found a sister i never knew i had. and much of it over a cribbage board.

years later when chris and i would meet, i taught him to play and i was actually thrilled to find that he instantly loved the game. we spent so very many hours playing this game, especially out on our little balcony that overlooked the river and the house that i would ultimately come to stalk.

we’d pack up the car with chairs and head to the park and play cribbage or we’d take it to our little dive where everyone knew us and knew that at some point in the night, they’d hear us yell out, i won!"

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