Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tragedy is the essence of comedy... and cribbage...

From triskadekiphileIt's been probably five years since I've played Cribbage. I taught it to Andy (along with Mean & Nasty and a bastardized form of Mao) to help get through our six months of boredom in Virginia, but since then the board has just been sitting on a shelf. I think I even gave away my travel set last Christmas, which is kind of unfortunate now.

Cribbage is the kind of game that you really have to play to get a handle on, and if you let it slide you tend to forget how it works. But it's really fun, in a math nerd sort of way, to look at a pile of cards and see all the different combinations leaping out at you. That's also the reason I don't enjoy playing it online - it's good practice for the playing half of the game, but then the computer scores my hand for me, and what's the fun in that?

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