Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cribbage players thinking big....

Fron the Ottawa Citizen:

"...Marcel Gervais has broken out of prison. It is a tale of -- first -- finding friends, then together finding purpose.
Over the course of last winter, Mr. Gervais would routinely play cribbage with another resident, Alcide Yelle, 73, also an amputee. Keith Baker, 50, would join them in the activity room. Not a cribbage player, he would often keep score.
Mr. Gervais, it became clear, could no longer see the cribbage board, normally a rectangular piece of wood with 120 small holes.
"When I saw the problem these guys were having, my mind started working," said Mr. Baker, who suffers from complications related to extreme obesity. Why not make the board bigger and brighter? he thought.
A former audiovisual technician, he started fiddling with his laptop computer and came up with a way to produce a colourful grid. He printed out sheets of standard paper, with yellow, red and blue rows, to which he added numbers.
The men asked the hospital for a piece of wood. They glued on the paper, then lacquered it. It wasn't perfect -- air bubbles were a problem -- but they now had a cribbage board about three times the normal size.
Mr. Gervais could see it fine..."

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