Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" Cribbage Tourney Outcome

From The Empire of Captain Zoom:

Once upon a time there was but a humble man of meager means. He would take walks in his small village stealing, er, borrowing his neighbors newspapers early in the morning. He was meager after all ands loved to collect coupons found in the food section of the Daily Bugle. After his walks he would, upon entering his tiny house with the bright blue door, fry one egg (prepared over easy and taking great care not to break the egg), prepare two pieces of toast; one of which would be buttered and the other dripping with fresh marmalade. Placing his fork dead center into the yoke (with an eye of a bombardier and much delectation), he would ponder the day ahead.

Now attend and listen. ( I stole this line. Does anyone know from what story?)

Just Jim had been challenged for the crown exactly 23 seconds after he returned to his work domicile with the Crown of Cribbage won from Tall Ship Taylor by none other than, Cool Hand Kristina.

Game 1 - Quoted by Cool Hand, "Wow, that was the fastest game of Cribbage I've ever' d played." Just Jim blinked rapidly and acting as if he had just walked through a time-warp, was over heard mumbling, "What just happened?" "Is the game over?" And the stench of skunk hung in the air. Translation of subject line: Glory in this world is fleeting" Thanks Tall Ship!

Current Crown of Cribbage wearer: Cool Hand Kristina Three cheers for Queen Cool Hand!

With his breakfast resting comfortably in his contented stomach, he changed his socks as he always did and went about his business. "Maybe I'll tend the garden today." he said to his cat Mr. Crumpets. And with that said, took a two hour nap happily dreaming of a far way land and a witch telling a little girl, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!".

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