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50 year wait for perfect hand...

50-year wait well worth perfection

Mike Chouinard
The Times

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From the Chilliwack Times

"...Herbert Werth had been playing cribbage for more than 50 years, and like most who play the game, he'd never come close to the coveted 29 hand.

"I never I thought I'd get one," he says.

Werth actually had a dilemma when dealt his hand: he actually had two jacks and had to decide which of the two to keep to go along with the strong hand of three fives.

"For a minute I had to think," he says.

When the fourth five was cut from the deck, he was stunned and tried not to let on what had happened.

"He kept a straight face," wife Frida says, adding, "As soon as the five came up he showed us the hand....He had the sense to throw away the right jack."

Werth said his son-in-law once came close with a 28 hand, but he's never even had the four fives and the jack, let alone get the cut for the extra point, despite playing since his days in the military.

"When I was in the forces, when we had spare time we used to play crib," he says.

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