Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cribbage retirement plan... BUG!

From Wilsonworld: http://wilsonworld.typepad.com/wilsonworld/2008/01/a-natural.html

"Since Bug was small..ok smaller than she is now....she has been fascinated with patterns. She sees patterns everywhere, even where no one else can see them.
I always thought this was a bit annoying..as in "Mommy-can-you-see-the-pattern-that-the-blades-of-grass- are-making...dark-green-light-green-greenish-brownish...and-the-patterns-on-the-tree-over-there-and- oh-look-at-the-patterns-that-the-lines-on-your-face-make-when-you-wrinkle-your-eyes-like-that.." Get the idea?

But i have found a use for it..and i am now counting on Bug as my new retirement plan.

She can see patterns in cards.
As in playing cards.

Yesterday i set out to teach the kids how to play cribbage. It was one of my favourite games as a child and one that we would all play down on the flats in the fall when we were fishing. Santa brought me a cribbage board for Christmas, since he knew that i had been wanting to play again. Now i have not played in many many years, and it took a bit of remembering on my part as to how to score/peg points. I went online and played a few hands just to help the old memory. Bug sat with me and watched. She even played a hand or two. Then we headed into the kitchen and started out with our own board. And that is when it all made sense. After the first hand, i attempted to help her score her cards...but she had already done it..and had found combinations that i had missed. I thought it was a fluke, until she did it again..and again...until the game was done and she had kicked my butt..."

Full post here: http://wilsonworld.typepad.com/wilsonworld/2008/01/a-natural.html

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