Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cribbage, Christmas and cursed Egyptian mummies...

From It's My Life

"We aren't having too much of a fancy holiday this year. I'm not in the mood. I don't feel spiritually like celebrating the return of the sun or birth of the year. I'm disconnected in some vital way of womanhood in our culture. Not sure if I want to reconnect, either, lol.

At least I get to see more of my children. Gin wants me to teach her naalbinding, and she made a skirt I want to put buttonholes on. And she was very cute wanting to shake presents. It was just adorable. So when Isaiah and Em leave for Christmas eve at her family's home, I'll do this for Gin until she gets home or unless Van suggests something else. Like cribbage?

Edit: It's 9 pm and we are watching Hildago. The sandstorm is coming and I've enough brandy in me to seeing a mashup between this movie and The Mummy. Just hoping Hidalgo doesn't have to outrun some cursed egyptian criminal. He's a nice horse."

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