Sunday, January 27, 2008

Big Brothers, cribbage and yodeling

From OurMidland.com
"John Marcou of Midland, left, shares a laugh with Kilian Goodson, 16, of Midland after shopping in the Midland Mall last week. Marcou has been Goodson's Big Brother through Big Brothers Big Sisters for seven and a half years. "I beat you at cribbage constantly," Goodson said. "Yeah, but when you turn eighteen, all bets are off," Marcou quipped. "It has kept me young. I'm kind of young at heart. I always look forward to hanging out with Kilian," Marcou said."

"Their bond was formed from the first day of their mentorship program, when Kilian asked John if they could go cliff diving. They didn’t, but the spirit of finding adventurous things to do lived on, with the friends going to playgrounds, soccer games and fishing. They also played ball, challenged each other at cribbage and even tried yodeling, which led to a few odd looks from people when they would crank up the volume on a yodeling CD."

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