Monday, November 10, 2008

Anyone have ideas for a new logo??

I'm not all that happy with the current one on this page. So, email me if you have any ideas.

Here's the current one : as if you did not know already.



Frank Baron said...

I've made a convert to cribbage in the last few years and she's a talented designer. I'll try to talk her into mulling your logo.

Joe said...

Cool Frank!

Free Crash Cribbage board if I use your design!!!

Cheers, Joe

Hilary said...

Well thanks, Frank. You knew I couldn't resist, eh?

Joe, I don't seen an email address. I can send you my idea today. If you like it, a Crash Cribbage board and attribution would be lovely. :)

Joe said...

Hilary, email me at crashcribbage@yahoo.com. :o)

I'm really looking forward to seeing your ideas... and yes, a board and full attribution can be all YOURS!