Monday, November 10, 2008

Xmas handmade cribbage...

From The Casingers:

"So, one year when we were young, the adults decided that all of the adults would make their gift for the person that they drew. There was no price limit on what you could spend, and the only stipulation was that it didn't matter what you made, but it had to be MADE, not bought. The kids skirted out of this one, seeing as kids are kids, and they like toys and it would have been boring to get a wood box with your name on it. I must say, though, these gifts were very creative. The one that stands out in my mind was the one that my Dad got from my Uncle Myles. My dad loved to play games (which is probably where I get it from!), and he loved to play Cribbage (I'm fond of the game myself!). Anyhow, my Uncle Myles made my father a cribbage board, a homemade cribbage board! The kicker? It was made out of a wood toilet seat! It was great!..."

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