Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hals Crib... improve your game!

Looking for a way to improve your cribbage game?? I know I am. I've always played for fun - never even read a cribbage book or thought a lot about the strategy of the game other than just "knowing" from experience what to play and what to discard or keep.

But isn't it more fun when you win??? Of course! So I'm looking for ways to improve and I came across a player at eCribbage.com named HalsCrib. He has some kind of program that will help to improve your game. I've begun checking out the info on his web site and it looks pretty good. If anyone has any personal experience with it please let me know or publish your comments here.

In the meantime, check it out yourself at HalsCrib.

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Joe said...

Hi Joe,

I have known Hal Mueller for 7 or 8 years. I believe that Hal was a professor of mathematics at a university in Canada.

"Certainly the strongest and most analytical cribbage program available is HALSCRIB, by US cribbage master Hal Mueller. HALSCRIB not only plays an excellent game (it remains undefeated in computer vs. computer matches), it also provides detailed statistical analysis and recording for serious cribbage students."

I began using the analytic features of HALSCRIB about 5 or 6 years ago while chasing points to get my ACC Master. In addition, weekly, Hal runs Club Web, a true 'duplicate cribbage' tournament. I was the top player the first year. In addition, there was a "Duplicate Cribbage" tournament at the 2004 ACC Grand National in Atlanta; I finished 2nd in this event. The past couple of years I did not have time to devote to HALSCRIB or Web Club and my ACC points fell off. This past summer, I began using HALSCRIB again and playing in Web Club. I noticed an immediate improvement. In the 7 ACC tournaments I have played this season (Started 08/01/08), I have been able to:
1. Place 2nd in the Main Event in New Jersey
2. Finsh in the 5-8 Bracket in the Main Event ACC PEER tournament
3. Finished 1st the Main Event in Petersburg, VA
4. Finished 1st the Main Event in Kissimmee, FL
5. Finished 1st in the Consolation in Virginia Beach, VA

There were only 2 tournaments in which I did not qualify in the Main or Consolation; the top 25% of the point earners qualify to advance to the playoffs.

I am presently the leader in ACC Grass Roots points in the Baltimore, MD Cribbage Club. This is the first time I have been near the top of a club after 3 months of play.

I recommend this Game Improvement Software.