Sunday, November 16, 2008

WWII POW cribbage and escape adventure...

From The Neosho Daily News:

"As winter turned into spring, the prisoners nightly picked up the BBC on carefully hidden radios. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the Allies were winning the war. And getting closer to the camp.

One day in April, Parkinson was playing cribbage with some British soldiers around a table in one of the barracks when he heard a sound he recognized: The buzz of an American fighter plane.

Based on his last experience with “friendly planes,” he should have been wary.

The American pilot opened up with his machine guns on the enclosed camp, making no less than three passes and criss-crossing it with deadly fire.

Parkinson’s English cribbage partner, sitting directly across from him, caught a bullet square in the middle of his back.

“He never knew what hit him,” Parkinson said. “He was just across the table from me. How lucky can you be, huh?"

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