Saturday, December 13, 2008

42!!! and counting...

It was just about 13 days ago that we hit 41 as the number of countries with people visiting Cribbaholics Unanimous. Now we hit 42 and I have to say that at the rate things are going we may will soon conquer the world!!!! Ah hahahahhhahah! (maniacal laugh)

Seriously though, some big things are happening in the world of cribbage, with much of it centering around eCribbage.com and Damien Blond's innovations in how cribbage is played online. It started with his development of King's Cribbage more than a year ago and then the addition of traditional cribbage several months ago. Since then he has added some variations to traditional cribbage like; Cribbage with Jokers, Lowball Cribbage, Muggins, etc... the latest news being that my game, CrashCribbage.com will soon be joining the ranks!

I don't know for sure if all if this is contributing to the increase in awarenss of C.U. but it can't hurt. Every time there is some new news about cribbage you will find it here... if it's not here, email me or leave a comment here and I'll make sure we get it on C.U.

Don't forget to order your Crash Cribbage board NOW for delivery in time for Christmas. Go to CrashCribbage.com to order now.

Happy pegging!

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