Thursday, December 25, 2008

Perhaps remarkable things at eCribbage.com...

Some odd things happen when you play cribbage with jokers! I guess I feel like I need to remark on them since it's the first time they have happened to me - having only recently started playing with jokers thanks to Damien Blond's excellent games at eCribbage.com.

First off, you CAN get a 19 ahnd when you play with jokers!!! I was playing SkunkGirl the other night and here are our hands - each 19... as you can see.


Also, getting 29 is not so unusual... see below?

And on the same night... another 29... the only bad thing was, a glitch in the program or a problem with my MAC caused the game to freeze up right after I got this 29 hand and when we resumed the game my 29 score had been wiped out! Darn it all!

Have you scored a remarkable hand??? Send me your story and/or photos!

Cheers, and happy pegging!


Anonymous said...

So guess what some of the higher hands in jokers are? And what is the most points you can get??

Joe said...

I think 45 is the most you could get... that would be 4 jokers and a five. A few days ago I posted on here that I was playing against Lady Cate at eCribbage.com and she was dealt 3 jokers and the 5 of spades. The cut card was a joker. She ended up with 40 points but only because she did not make all her 5s the same suit.

Can you think of a bigger hand???