Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Classy Cribbage board...

From Vic's Venue:

"...Rhonda recently taught Alex how to play cribbage. He loved the game, but was amazed at the simplicity of the board. He looked around and was surprised when couldn't find a nice cribbage board. So he made one. Then he made another one. Then someone found out and he had to make two more.

I've handled these boards and they are absolutely beautiful! They are sturdy and have a solid high-end feel to them. They have a Laser-Engraved and Hard-Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Playing Deck held onto the wooden body by four inset magnets. The body is solid wood, 1 3/4” thick Hardwood Oak, Maple, or Beech. Alex finishes them with Six Coats of Luxurious Hand Sprayed Glossy Lacquer Finish. I think my favorite is the Classy blue board on the solid maple base. He puts the whole thing on Natural Cork non-slip foot pads and includes a set of 9 Premium Machined Metal Pegs (3-Stainless, 3-Brass, & 3-Copper) in a Deluxe Micro-Velvet Peg Pouch. There's also a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards and a set of Playing Instructions and Game Rules. The Classy Cribbage Board (also available in a Modern design) is only $149.99..."

They are available at Vic's Venue or... Alex is marketing the boards at http://www.classycribbage.com/ and on eBay at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140286513058.

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