Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cribbage and the theme song for the new economy...

I never thought cribbage would make an appearance in a Weird Al song, but... in this economy, why not?? Read on:

From Pittsburgh Live:

"Theme Song for the New Economy: "Whatever You Like" by Weird Al Yankovic. Takes rapper TI's ode to materialism to its logical recession-era conclusion. Favorite lines: "You like Top Ramen, need Top Ramen/Got a cupboard full of 'em, I'll keep 'em coming/You want it, I got it, go get it, just heat it/Dump the flavor packet on it and eat it./Pork and beans and Minute Rice/And we can play Cribbage all night/And baby you can have whatever you like (if you like).""

Full article here.

Thanks Weird Al.

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