Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Desperate cribbage players... and housewives...


"The game changes...
Dave seems legitimately upset, all unkempt and unshaven. But is it because of Edie's death or because he didn't get to kill Katherine? Mike sends Susan to look in on him, and she ends up telling him she was the real driver the night his first wife (and child) died. He tells her that everything that ever mattered to him is gone. Then she sees a gun, which makes her think he's going to kill himself. So she offers to play cribbage (her idea of a cure for the blues), then she steals his gun, knives, and pills before leaving him alone. He finally opens up, and admits he's blaming himself for Edie's death. To convince him it's not his fault, she tells him about the accident: She was the driver! And Dave has a new target for his vengeance. So, the first 19 episodes of the season have been for nothing, and now we'll get to the good stuff, right? Finally? If, by "good stuff," we mean Dave going after MJ (who apparently wasn't a target when Mike was the killer)."

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