Thursday, April 2, 2009

Atlas Pegged: Who is John Galt?

Not many people realize it, but Ayn Rand's fictional hero in the novel "Atlas Shrugged" would probably have enjoyed a good game of cribbage. Ok, you can say this is speculation, but let's look at the facts:

Cribbage is a game of skill that requires thinking - John Galt is a man of the mind.

There! What else do you need to convince you? As it turns out, I myself am a huge Ayn Rand fan and have been for many years. My real purpose in writing this particular post is to highlight a new campaign to send copies of Atlas Shrugged to government officials in order to educate them. And if they refuse to read perhaps they will at least get the idea that there are many of us out here not happy with the current direction of the government's policies.

If you have not read Atlas Shrugged, or are unfamiliar with Ayn Rand now is the time to read. It may be your own life you save.

In order to facilitate your ability to read AS and play cribbage at the same time (two things that obviously go together) I will for a limited time (Until April 30, 2009) send a free copy of Atlas Shrugged to anyone who orders two Crash Cribbage boards from www.crashcribbage.com. That's right!!! Free! Just mention that you want to "Play cribbage with John Galt" and you will get the boards and the book right in your mail box.

Now, let's play cribbage, John!

Joe Kane

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