Friday, April 17, 2009

So, I hear you're a cribbage player?

From Boof's BergBlog:

"...I turned around and there was the grandma holding a deck of cards eagerly to talk and play a round with me.
"yes, absolutely" I said and we sat down and shuffled the deck.

Me and the Grandma played about 8 games of cribbage before a cousin whispered in my ear,
"you know, you don't have to play with her if you don't want." I laughed it off because this was indeed a blessing.

I love cribbage. Me and my old roommate played about 700 games of cribbage (in which case I think I won most :0), some of my best father/son memories are playing cribbage with my dad, and I have indeed double skunked someone in my past. I find cribbage to be the absolute best conversation game ever and me and the Grandma were engaged in a pretty interesting conversation. I asked her about the family, her travels, and the history. I loved it..."

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