Thursday, April 30, 2009

Old man's game...

From citizen.com:

"...Cribbage is an old man's game I'm told. But for me, it is ever linked with my father and his father and my childhood. They would deal the cards, then play, count off points with little pegs that marched forward on the two tracks of the wooden cribbage board, and calling out, "Fifteen two, fifteen four, and a pair is six." The game would go on for at least an hour. One day, I hoped, my dad would teach me the secrets of the inexplicable "Fifteen two, fifteen four, and a pair is six." And when I was 13, he did, beginning a tradition we would play out for years, until his death. Through the fifteens, we would move the little pegs around the cribbage board as we'd peg out the small details our lives, keeping the lines of communication open between us..."

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry' said...

Did you know you can play Cribbage on www.pogo.com? I used play scrabble with my mom a lot and so when I am missing her especially, sometimes I'll go to pogo and play scrabble on there. I can imagine playing against her. I figure if I can beat 210, then I'd win.

Joe said...

Hi Karen!
I haven't tried Pogo, but I do play at ecribbage.com quite a bit. ecribbage also has my own cribbage variation, Crash Cribbage, so I may be biased. :o)

Thanks for stopping by.