Monday, October 29, 2007

Knitting and cribbage...

From rndnrnd we knit:
"Jon taught me to play Cribbage and I beat him in our first game (although he won best out of 3). During the game, we might have talked for a while in mock British accent and for some strange reason, he kept calling me Smedley. ..."

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

In the thick of it — Cribbage at the battle at An Loc

Caption: Sonny Perry in front of a tank while he was at An Loc, South Vietnam in 1966.

From the Kennebec Journal
"...We got settled in and went around meeting the guys in the 73rd. Most of us were drinking beer. There was a group playing cribbage, and one of the guys was “short,” going home in three days. He was happy.

Nighttime came and the guys moved their game to someone’s small tent. I went to my tent and got a little sleep. I was awakened by gunfire, explosions, shrapnel tearing through the top of my tent, and guys screaming as they got hit by enemy fire.

The North Vietnamese army had overrun a quad-fifty outfit (all Americans), killed them all, then hit us around 3 o’clock in the morning. They hit us with rockets, mortars, machine guns and whatever else they had...."

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cribbage players thinking big....

Fron the Ottawa Citizen:

"...Marcel Gervais has broken out of prison. It is a tale of -- first -- finding friends, then together finding purpose.
Over the course of last winter, Mr. Gervais would routinely play cribbage with another resident, Alcide Yelle, 73, also an amputee. Keith Baker, 50, would join them in the activity room. Not a cribbage player, he would often keep score.
Mr. Gervais, it became clear, could no longer see the cribbage board, normally a rectangular piece of wood with 120 small holes.
"When I saw the problem these guys were having, my mind started working," said Mr. Baker, who suffers from complications related to extreme obesity. Why not make the board bigger and brighter? he thought.
A former audiovisual technician, he started fiddling with his laptop computer and came up with a way to produce a colourful grid. He printed out sheets of standard paper, with yellow, red and blue rows, to which he added numbers.
The men asked the hospital for a piece of wood. They glued on the paper, then lacquered it. It wasn't perfect -- air bubbles were a problem -- but they now had a cribbage board about three times the normal size.
Mr. Gervais could see it fine..."

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


This is from "Days Gone By" blog by patricia, and has nothing to do with cribbage but her post (below) does. I just thought the picture was cute.

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Cribbage matches... really

From days gone by:
"talking, eating impromptu batches of fudge, always laughing, and more times than not, playing cribbage. hour after hour, we’d play cards and talk and laugh and chase the girls back up to bed and on and on it went. i can’t begin to imagine the number of cribbage games we must’ve played. we’d always keep track of the games through the night, but never cumulatively. i will always look back on those couple of years as a true crossroads in my life as i helped raise a child in her first year, grew to meet two other children who would become my almost-daughters, and found a sister i never knew i had. and much of it over a cribbage board.

years later when chris and i would meet, i taught him to play and i was actually thrilled to find that he instantly loved the game. we spent so very many hours playing this game, especially out on our little balcony that overlooked the river and the house that i would ultimately come to stalk.

we’d pack up the car with chairs and head to the park and play cribbage or we’d take it to our little dive where everyone knew us and knew that at some point in the night, they’d hear us yell out, i won!"

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cribbage cat?

I have no idea what this has to do with cribbage...

Tragedy is the essence of comedy... and cribbage...

From triskadekiphileIt's been probably five years since I've played Cribbage. I taught it to Andy (along with Mean & Nasty and a bastardized form of Mao) to help get through our six months of boredom in Virginia, but since then the board has just been sitting on a shelf. I think I even gave away my travel set last Christmas, which is kind of unfortunate now.

Cribbage is the kind of game that you really have to play to get a handle on, and if you let it slide you tend to forget how it works. But it's really fun, in a math nerd sort of way, to look at a pile of cards and see all the different combinations leaping out at you. That's also the reason I don't enjoy playing it online - it's good practice for the playing half of the game, but then the computer scores my hand for me, and what's the fun in that?

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" Cribbage Tourney Outcome

From The Empire of Captain Zoom:

Once upon a time there was but a humble man of meager means. He would take walks in his small village stealing, er, borrowing his neighbors newspapers early in the morning. He was meager after all ands loved to collect coupons found in the food section of the Daily Bugle. After his walks he would, upon entering his tiny house with the bright blue door, fry one egg (prepared over easy and taking great care not to break the egg), prepare two pieces of toast; one of which would be buttered and the other dripping with fresh marmalade. Placing his fork dead center into the yoke (with an eye of a bombardier and much delectation), he would ponder the day ahead.

Now attend and listen. ( I stole this line. Does anyone know from what story?)

Just Jim had been challenged for the crown exactly 23 seconds after he returned to his work domicile with the Crown of Cribbage won from Tall Ship Taylor by none other than, Cool Hand Kristina.

Game 1 - Quoted by Cool Hand, "Wow, that was the fastest game of Cribbage I've ever' d played." Just Jim blinked rapidly and acting as if he had just walked through a time-warp, was over heard mumbling, "What just happened?" "Is the game over?" And the stench of skunk hung in the air. Translation of subject line: Glory in this world is fleeting" Thanks Tall Ship!

Current Crown of Cribbage wearer: Cool Hand Kristina Three cheers for Queen Cool Hand!

With his breakfast resting comfortably in his contented stomach, he changed his socks as he always did and went about his business. "Maybe I'll tend the garden today." he said to his cat Mr. Crumpets. And with that said, took a two hour nap happily dreaming of a far way land and a witch telling a little girl, "I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too!".

Monday, October 8, 2007

Cribbage like a like a Pavlovian canine...

From Dave & Erica's European Vacation
(Erica)"We finish up our purchases including a run to the ceramic shop we stumbled across yesterday and then head back to the villa to relax. After the hustle and bustle of the shoppers we are ready to relax at the house. It’s only 1pm – we grab a bottle of wine, do a last load of laundry (wonderful to have or own washer…although this washer seems to have a mind of its own!) and head to the poolside to play some Cribbage. I beat Dave (FINALLY!) and celebrate my win by taking a nap! Ha! My perfect celebration!"

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Cribbage Board Techniques #2: Finishing the Inlets

From Lumberjocks.com

Ever wanted to make your own cribbage board? Check out this excellent series which includes step by step photos...

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Losing to Francona at cribbage...

From Bill Ballou Baseball:

"Francona doesn’t always win at cribbage, but does claim to be very good at it, and says that in the hours before Game 1, he absolutely hammered Pedroia at his favorite card game. “No (darn) way,” Francona responded when asked if there might be the teeniest chance that Pedroia loses these games on purpose, seeing as it has never been considered a good career move to beat your boss at cards.

Pressed for more information on the cribbage rivalry, Francona conceded that Pedroia is actually very good at the game, one of the best regular opponents he has."

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From WriterMomMusings
By Cornelia Becker Seigneur(Cornelia Becker Seigneur)
That first day when I walked in, I saw a group of men, probably freshly retired men, playing cribbage and they looked up at me from their game when I arrived as if to see if I am someone they know. I think they know every other person ...

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Reeling in the years with the Cubs and Cribbage...

From Waukegan News Sun - Waukegan,IL,USA
"I remember when they went to the World Series in '45," said Ace Williams of Zion, taking a break Tuesday from a game of cribbage with friends Ron Kandel, ...

Chicago Cubs fans Ezra Banks (left), 80, of Waukegan and Ace Williams (right), 80, of Zion show spirit at the Waukegan Township Park Place Senior Center in Waukegan.

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A special board from Enumero Cribbage Boards...

Updates & Changes as I Approach the 1 Year Anniversary of Selling ...
By 19 Point Hand
I'm really close to my 100th series board, so to celebrate the milestone, I will be doing something a little special for that board (assuming the Austrian Jeweled Cribbage Pegs I ordered ever show up!) A quick summary: ...
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Enumero Cribbage Boards

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Parent Day Orphan (Who Wasn't)

From: Julia's Beloit Life

Most of all, I wanted to get some use of my cribbage board. I guess I'll have to settle for sending them pictures of fall in Wisconsin (or the lawn in front of Middle College, as pictured above). It's scenic in an entirely different way ...
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