Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New vendor for Crash Cribbage!!!

Woohoo... now you can get Crash Cribbage at Cribbage Supply! Click on the link to learn more.

The URL is: http://www.cribbagesupply.com/crash-cribbage.html

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Look at this one... wohoooo!

You could get a hand like this too at ecribbage.com.

Cribbage board poject...

From Don in Ottawa:

"A co worker of my son’s knew I was ‘into woodworking’, as he puts it and asked him if I could make her a crib board that was a little different. After browsing around and giving her some options, this is what I cam up with.

Yes, there are a few drunk holes in it but with that grain, who really notices :o)

I made the board from Rosewood and the base from Mahogany."

Read original post at Lumberjocks.com...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cribbage Congress membership up for the count...

From the Auburn Journal:

by Gus Thomson

"For about two dozen players who regularly hunker down over pegged boards at a North Auburn meeting hall for Cribbage Congress games, the world of cribbage is more than a placid board matchup with an underground following.

Grandmaster Angelo Torrise said he’s watched the game grow in Auburn as it moved from a card room to a mobilehome park meeting room to a restaurant to its current home at the Auburn Multipurpose Seniors Center.

On a typical Tuesday, the air will be filled with the flapping sound of cards being shuffled and players voicing their hands and counts..."


91-year-old loves Cribbage...

From Colorado Springs Gazette.com:

"He turns 91 on Thursday.

The retired electrician has social networked the old-fashioned way for decades, mostly over card games or for work projects.

Sure, he prefers face-to-face interaction, but he’s hip to whatever.

He quit wearing a watch after his wife, Eileen, died in 2006. He also adopted a “whatever develops” attitude, which he says “eliminates the stress.”

Most of his neighbors at Estates at Cheyenne Boulevard apartments are youngsters, which keeps down the female interference. “In those high-rise senior places, when you got a car, you got a lot of women after you,” Gallentine says.

He plants flowers and decorates the back fence behind the white, two-story complex for holidays. Residents like the color he adds to what is otherwise a functional fence behind a cluster of clotheslines. Up now are summery plywood cutouts he painted. He’s plotting Labor Day’s display.

Granted, this isn’t news that usually makes the newspaper. Neither is Gallentine, a nonagenarian, spending his golden years quietly doing his thing.

Make that, things.

“You don’t have to sit home and twiddle your thumbs,” he says.

His thumbs find plenty of other action.

This is a guy who could do a Facebook status update daily: “Bud Gallentine played cribbage, went fishing, caught a Sky Sox game, fed the nickel slots at Cripple Creek, decorated the back fence.”"