Tuesday, June 1, 2010

29 hand... after 50 years of cribbage

From Morrison County Record:

"Jerome Olesch and his friends play cribbage on a regular basis at the Little Falls Senior Center. He has been playing the game for over 50 years and Thursday, Feb. 11, while playing with Dick Tedford and Clarence Stockwell, he dealt himself the five of spades, five of clubs, five of hearts and the Jack of diamonds. "I thought, how great it would be to have the five of diamonds cut," he said. When Stockwell did cut the five of diamonds, Olesch jumped into out of his seat and threw down his hand for his opponents to see. The odds of getting a perfect cribbage hand of 29 in a game with three or four players are one in 649,740. Olesch did win that game, skunking both his opponents. "We play every Tuesday and Thursday while waiting our turn during the pool tournaments," said Tedford. "Everyone is welcome to to join us." Shown with the perfect hand are (from left): Tedford, Olesch and Stockwell."

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