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New King at Kings Cribbage Online!

“Schrizo” wins inaugural Kings Cribbage Online tournament
By Joe Kane

It’s official. After nearly three months of epic international matches between 64 players in a double elimination style competition, the winner of the first ever Kings Cribbage Online tournament has been crowned as the reigning “monarch of the tiles.” Miami Beach resident Eric Schroeder, 29, earned the honor after beating out some pretty stiff competition at www.kingscribbageonline.com.

For those of you not familiar with Kings Cribbage, it’s a board game that combines elements of cribbage and scrabble. Players use tiles with playing card values on them to make points based on the scoring system used in cribbage.

Schroeder, whose screen name is Schrizo has been an active member of KC Online since March of this year and says he first learned of the game late in 2006 when his parents introduced him to the game.

As for his competitors, the final breakdown was as follows:
1st. Schrizo - $50 + free board game
2nd. Scaggcares - $25 + free board game
3rd. Dana - free board game
4th. Jane
T5th. Dandan
T5th. Jennett1
T7th. Traxter
T7th. Belinda
T9th. Ybbihs
T9th. Cribbage King
T9th. Jwaut
T9th. Perceptive1
T13th. Bethmad
T13th. Mchenkle
T13th. Scags
T13th. Nannan

Asked about how he liked the tournament Schrizo had this to say;

“I liked the tournament overall. I thought it was fun and a good idea. It took a lot longer than expected to finish. It can take some players a while to link up together to play a match - especially if they are in different time zones and working different schedules,” he said.

Although Schrizo says there were really no bad moments during the tournament, one of the memorable moments for him was in the first match against his final opponent, ‘Scaggcares.’

“I managed a skunk on the first game,” Schrizo said.

It was the second time the two had met up in the tourney and Schrizo said the results of the first match were much closer.

Schrizo also said “Jennett1” played well… “she is good and usually gives me a good game.”

Damien Blond, the programmer of KC Online and organizer of the tournament said he was very pleased with the results of the tournament and was looking forward to more in the future.

“[The tournament] brought even more new users to the online game and helped create our new record of 37+ simultaneous players playing the game,” Blond said. “It also developed more interesting rivalries within the game!

“The biggest mistake I made with this tournament was allowing individual players to setup their own match times. I underestimated how challenging this would be to everybody. We have players in different time zones, some that only play at night, some that only play at lunch, etc. This made it very hard to organize matches and consequently extended the tournament out to 3 months. I was hoping for about 3 weeks. Players also struggled to use the new message forum, so in future versions of Kings Cribbage online, our online message forum will be more tightly integrated into the game, so players can communicate with each other easily through that,” he added.

Blond said he anticipates playing future tournaments over weekends.

“Everybody that signs up to future tournaments will have to be available at certain times on the weekends,” Blond said. “If they don't show up, they will simply forfeit.”

Blond said he is also keeping track of tournament information in the player stats, so when you click on “Schrizo” in the KC Online lounge, it will say
"Schrizo finished 1st in KC Online Tournament #1" or something to that effect.

Schrizo said he is looking forward to more tournaments in the future.

“I would like to see more tournaments, more often, which would be feasible if done on a smaller scale,” Schrizo said. “Different types of tournaments would be good as well - such as a 30-second speed game tournament, or a 60-second no-feature tournament (turn off the ‘tiles left,’ ‘dimes,’ ‘notepad’ stuff). Maybe a 30-second, single game, single elimination tournament could be done in one weekend.”

One of the things that makes KC Online a bit unique is that there are no computer players – all the players are actual human beings. That’s rare for most online games, which allow people to play against a computerized opponent. But it is also one of the strengths of the game as it creates a real sense of community amongst the players. In fact, Blond originally created the online version in order to play with family and friends back home in Canada when he had moved to San Diego where he currently resides.

Schrizo says being able to play people from all over the place is one of the things he enjoys about the game. Asked if there are any players he may harbor any anxiety about playing in future competitions he says there are quite a few good players out there that could pose a major challenge.

“Maybe ‘Bethmad’ - I seem to have rotten luck against her,” Schrizo said. “’Phildog’ is quite good, but had some bad luck this tournament. Damien Blond, if he decides he can join a tournament, I would expect to meet me in the finals.”

And the new king of KC Online is not afraid to reveal his secret strategies.

“[There] may be a few tricks up my sleeve,” Schrizo said. “Keeping track of the tiles played makes a big difference in the end of the game - knowing what your opponent has can help a lot in playing the last few tiles.
It helps that I've played the original cribbage game for years and know what cribbage hands score without having to count them - a big help in thinking fast in this game, and in looking for the best play. Defensive strategies help too - always try to minimize openings for your opponent.”

Schrizo added that he wanted to say “thanks to Damien for all the hard work and getting the site up and running, with continuous improvements! Keep playing everyone, and let's have some more tournaments.”

Meanwhile, the sponsor for the tournament prizes, Roy Cowley, of Cococo Games, [www.kingscrib.com] who is the son of Kings Cribbage creator Gary Cowley says he is very pleased with the new online version and the excitement over the tournament.

"Damien has put together a great way for people to enjoy Kings Cribbage,” said Roy. “I love the fact that we have players from all over the world, including an American soldier who is stationed in Iraq, playing Kings Cribbage regularly online. Our first tournament has made the online experience even more competitive; bragging rights abound. We've handed out some small prizes as well, so there's something 'on the line' players can shoot for. It's really wonderful to see [the] game being enjoyed by so many, and hopefully we'll have another tournament in the near future."¬¬¬¬¬

For more info stay linked to the following sites:


Cribbage Club results...

From Suburban Journals - Town and Country,MO,USA

"The Crossroads Cribbage Club meets at 1 p.m. Wednesdays at Rookies Bar and Grill, 1544 S.W. Service Road in Wentzville for the fall/winter session. Anyone who is interested in playing cribbage may contact the club at 1-800-214-0641.

Results for Nov. 14: first place, Floyd Vincent of Warrenton; second place, Don Kubant of Troy; third place, Bonnie Elmes of O'Fallon; fourth place, Justina Bricka of St. Louis; fifth place, Harry Ramatowski of O'Fallon; and sixth place, Marvin Wafel of Foristell. Frank Horn of Marthasville took high game with 24.

The Missouri Good Hands Cribbage Club meets at 6:30 p.m. Mondays at the Washington Senior Center on Fifth Street (in the bottom of the Elks lodge) in Washington, Mo. For more information, call Frank Horn at 636-667-7144 or go to the American Cribbage Web site www.cribbage.org.Results for Nov. 19: first place, Jack Jackson, of Lonedell; second place, Frank Horn, of Lake Sherwood; and third place, Ben Hanson, of Caudate. Hanson also had high hand. ..."

Full article: http://warrentonjournal.stltoday.com/entertainment/sj2tn20071128-1128war_cribg.ii1.txt

Cribbage, Growth, Change, Awareness

By Tom McLaughlin

"I played cribbage with them. I met their relatives. I fed them, lifted them into bed, changed them, joked with them. Some died serenely. Others were consumed by fear. The difference was in how they perceived their deaths. ..."

Full post at: http://tommclaughlin.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cribbage with the grandparents...

From Dancingirl365:

"Dh and I began playing cribbage years ago with my grandparents. It's a lot of fun even when you don't win. (I didn't.)"

Blog at: http://dancingirl365-dancingirl365.blogspot.com/2007/11/friday-november-23-cribbage.html

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cribbage Work-in-Progress Report #1: Jerry Dennis

By P. J. Grath(P. J. Grath)

"Now I'm home for the winter, writing every day in my studio/sanctuary in the loft of our stone barn, and spending evenings by the fireplace with Gail, reading novels and playing cribbage." --- Thank you, Jerry, for this window into ...

Full post at: Books in Northport - http://booksinnorthport.blogspot.com/

Cribbage and turkey...

By tamvan61(tamvan61)

"After dinner we played cribbage, like we always do. I can't wait to move to Santa Cruz and be able to play cribbage every night. Stanley, Janet and the kids came down on Thursday morning but Stanley and Janet had to work on Friday so ..."

Full post at: Chippertue's World - http://journals.aol.com/tamvan61/ChippertuesWorld/

King's Cribbage tournament nears completion!!!

The first ever King's Cribbage online tournament is nearing completion!

Here are the results (as they come in):
1st. ?
2nd. Loser of Schrizo vs Scaggcares
3rd. Dana
4th. Jane
T5th. Dandan
T5th. Jennett1
T7th. Traxter
T7th. Belinda
T9th. Ybbihs
T9th. Cribbage King
T9th. Jwaut
T9th. Perceptive1
T13th. Bethmad
T13th. Mchenkle
T13th. Scags
T13th. Nannan

Here are the rules:

It is a 64 player double elimination tournament.
(So if you lose to one player you aren't out of it!)
To play a tournament match, when you setup the game, choose "Tournament Style Match"

People watching tournament games will be prevented
from chatting so they can't distract the competitors.

The 64 players will be seeded by current rating in the KC online world.
So #1 seed will play #64 seed to start, #2 vs #63 etc.

Each matchup will be a best of 3 series to advance. (first to two wins)
You will have 3-4 days to complete each round.
You can organize times to play with your opponent by leaving notes in the lounge, through our
message forum or I can coordinate through emails.

The prizes are the following:

1st place: $50, plus free Kings Cribbage board game
2nd place: $25, plus free Kings Cribbage board game
3rd place: Free Kings Cribbage board game
Raffle prize: Free Kings Cribbage board game

Watch for complete wrapup after the final matches are completed.

To play this excellent game goto: http://www.kingscribbageonline.com/ and be sure to check the link at the top left of this page for an interview about the game with KC online designer Damien Blond!

Cribbage babble...

From BabbleBlog:

"Lulee here: We got up at 4:00am (kids voted for really early) and the drive was fine. Headphones and books, snacks and pillows. Mike teaching DD howw to play cribbage (I can hardly teach her anything like that but someone else can). In true family tradition, we watched Singing in the Rain together, now the late night guys will watch Scrubs or whatever. I am going to lay in bed and read! One nice thing about slightly older kids--I can relax a little bit. Weird holiday, no turkey tomorrow, we are thinking of salmon from alaska instead. "

Full post at: http://bailey4babble.livejournal.com/125088.html

Cribbage Coffee Table....

From bleedthefreak87:

"I learned to play cribbage when I was 7 or 8. I didnt play much after that until i got an apartment and my friend Cam moved in. He had a Jiant cribbage table, it was the size of a coffee table. He got me playing a lot more. The highest hand I have ever got was a 28. I was missing that friggin right Jack. But it was still pretty cool. My other shining moment in crib was when on the first hand of a game I had 20 in my hand and 20 in my crib. My opponent was pretty pissed. lol."

Full post at: http://community.livejournal.com/cribbage_game/2481.html

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cribbage whiz's 1st time was on honeymoon...

From Bristol Press:

"When it comes to playing cribbage, Bob Van Gorder, owner of Fiddlin' Around Music with his wife, Louise, doesn't fiddle around. During play between Sept. 27-30, he captured the "Early Bird" title at the 26th annual Grand National Cribbage Tournament in Portland, Maine, a competition sanctioned by the American Cribbage Congress.

"I didn't go expecting to win," Bob told me, "I went for the experience. I had never been to a national tournament before.
"I happened to have the run of the cards And you need both skill and luck to win."
He admitted he wasn't a complete freak about the game, but took great interest in it and always tried to play his best."

Full post

The dark side of Cribbage...

From the Daily Gleaner:

"...when I was a kid, I learned to play cribbage and, for a short time at least, I loved it.

I think it was more the circumstances than the game itself. I was maybe 10, I was visiting my relatives in Georgetown, P.E.I., and my aunt Jean took it upon herself to teach me to play.

Looking back, I'm sure she just wanted someone to play with/beat and I was a warm and willing body."

Full post

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cribbage hubby is awesome...

By dhart
He also found new pegs for our cribbage board, so I can stop using 'stumpy' (the peg which broke, but he filed it down to fit in the hole, although it was half the height of the others, and never quite fit properly.) Life is good.
Dayna Hart -

full post at: http://daynahart.com/

Friday, November 16, 2007

We should allow all gambling, or none...

From Kennebec Journal Morning Sentinel:

"It's time to take off our hats of hypocrisy.
We sponsor state lottery games but oppose slot machines.

We rake in $225 million a year from the Maine Lottery and wring our hands in worry that gambling preys on the poor.

We progress from $1 instant games to games that cost $10, $20 and more and shut down a $5 cribbage game by WW II vets at the VFW hall.

We require Hollywood Slots in Bangor to return at least 89 percent of wagers to patrons, while returning only 63 percent of Maine Lottery wagers to the players..."

Full article

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cribbage player Pedroia wins rookie of the year...

From Courant.com

"Before Terry Francona and Dustin Pedroia began their daily pregame battles in cribbage, the rookie second baseman forced Francona to play a difficult hand.

After the season's first month, Pedroia was hitting .182, and a steady drumbeat of dissent was heard on Boston airwaves and in Fenway seats. The rookie had to go.

But Francona held his ground and soon the debate about Pedroia was about his rookie of the year chances."

Full article

Game legality murky... Cribbage players run afoul of state law

From the Kenebec Journal Morning Sentinel:

AUGUSTA -- Cribbage players are confused.
Lawmakers are confused.

And Maine State Police say rules governing games of chance are anything but easy to explain.

Two weeks ago, a state inspector shut down cribbage games and tournaments at American Legion Post 4 in Gardiner.

The inspector told players their game was illegal because the Legion did not have a license to host games of chance.

Since an article about Post 4 appeared in the Kennebec Journal last week, Sgt. William Gomane of the State Police said he has been "fielding calls" from the public.

"These rules are not easy to understand and it's hard to explain to people," Gomane said. "Without knowing the circumstance, it's difficult to say (if a game is legal or illegal). If it's a community center and it's social gambling, it's legal. If you went to a place where you have sports betting in a for-profit bar, it's illegal."


So what is social gambling?

Title 17-A: Maine Criminal Code Chapter 39 Unlawful Gambling, says: "Social gambling is gambling, or a contest of chance, in which the only participants are players and from which no person or organization receives or becomes entitled to receive something of value or any profit whatsoever, directly or indirectly, other than as a player, from any source, fee, remuneration connected with said gambling, or such activity as arrangements or facilitation of the game, or permitting the use of premises, or selling or supplying for profit refreshments, food, drink service or entertainment of participants, players or spectators."

Quite a mouthful.

Some people, including Post 4 American Legion Cmdr. Bob Mckay and Rep. Earle McCormick R-West Gardiner, believe the rules were part of a bill that passed in the last Legislative session that dealt with Texas hold 'em card games.

The bill granted charities the right to run Texas hold 'em tournaments six times a year.

"I think that bill did change the licensing fees, but it was primarily for Texas hold 'em and high stakes beno," McCormick said recently. (The American Legion's) intent is to provide a place for people to play. Are you violating the law? I don't understand it. But we'll get to the bottom of how (State Police) are interpreting (the law) and if it should be interpreted differently and enforced differently. It seems like they're enforcing this pretty aggressively."


The Gardiner Legion wasn't the only veterans' organization visited by a state inspector.

Al Michaud, quarter master at the Waterville Veterans of Foreign War, said cribbage is no longer played at that post since a state inspector stopped in.

The Augusta VFW also pulled its boards.

Shawn O'Conner, quartermaster at that VFW, said his post has no intention of applying for a game of chance license. It's too expensive.

The post could purchase a special license for just $7.50 a year, provided it charged no more than $1 a person and players did not gamble even a penny. Otherwise, a yearly license is $700.

"The rules are there; we don't understand them," O'Conner said. "(Cribbage) is like playing monopoly or dominos. We don't know where the law came from. They just made it up. In Waterville, they went in and confiscated their cribbage boards and cards. They were just playing for fun and not having a tournament or anything. Just a couple of guys playing at the bar."

Rep. Stephen Hanley, D-Gardiner, said it's not only veterans who are being hurt by this law; senior citizen and community centers also are feeling the pinch. And what about all the office sports pools and bars and taverns that supply cribbage boards for their customers, he said. Are they illegal?

For years, on Old Hallowell Day, organizers have held a cribbage tournament.

"It's a big deal," City Councilor Phillip Lindley said. "There's money involved and prizes."

Gomane said without knowing the circumstances, it would be difficult to say whether those games are legal.

Cribbage had been played for more than a year every other Friday at the American Legion Post 40 in Winthrop until Eleanor Harrington, who runs the games, read in the newspaper that they might be in violation. "We're not going to take a chance," Harrington said. "We always have it downstairs. There's no bar or any food. We just play cribbage. I don't think we were doing anything illegal, but I don't know. In the meantime, we're stopping. I feel so bad for these people. They just love it. Ninety-nine percent of them are elderly people. I'm 74. There's not much we can do to go out and have fun. And playing cribbage is fun."


Hanley said he has received numerous calls from cribbage players, some who play every Tuesday at the Buker Center in Augusta and others every Monday at the Cohen Center in Hallowell. "This hasn't died down," Hanley said. "It isn't just the vets groups. I went down to Hannaford Bros. to get a few things and it took me two and a half hours to get out of there. Everyone was hitting me up on this saying don't you people have something better to do."

Hanley said he will be working with his legislative aide to craft emergency legislation that will exempt veterans' organizations from licensing fees so their members and spouses can play cribbage at their posts.

The Legislature reconvenes in January.

"They've given a lot to their country in different services," he said. "If they want to go over and play cards, it's not the state's business if they want to wager money. Let them. Who cares. We're not talking big money. The state doesn't need to be grabbing a percentage of that. Let them play cards."

Gov. John Baldacci agrees.

Speaking on behalf of the governor, David Farmer said the governor believes the law is outdated and needs to be modernized. Farmer said the key to this law is that it has to do with establishments where liquor and food is sold and cribbage games and tournaments are used to make money.

"It clearly wasn't what was going on at the American Legion and we need to fix that," Farmer said. "We're going to have to do it through the law, but the governor has asked the Department of Public Safety to work on a fix. I'm not sure what that will mean or what it will look like, but it clearly needs to be modernized. It needs to take into account levels of harmless activity."

Mechele Cooper -- 623-3811, Ext. 408


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cribbage criminals plead guilty, face sentencing...

Once again truth is stranger than spoof...

GARDINER, Maine -- The World War II veterans charged with illegal gaming at their local American Legion Post have plead guilty to a lesser charge of "prohibitted pegging" and now face sentencing before city judges.

Billy "Point Man" Pegs, Rodney "Cut Throat" Crandal and John "The Jack" Intrown, all in their mid to late 80s, were arrested last week after a raid on an American Legion post by state inspectors in Maine.

"We know we did wrong," said Pegs. "And we have all agreed to seek counselling and to perform community service far away from the 'temptations of the board.' Bottom line is we have been so caught up in the lifestyle for so long it is going to be a difficult transition. Part of our sentence will be to talk to young people... tell them about the pitfalls of pegging to often, or for money."

Fellow crib-criminal Intrown agrees. "You might think a penny a point is nothing, but think of it over the term of a lifetime! We've been playing since World War II for god's sake! I'm just glad it has finally come to an end before someone got hurt!" he cried.

Court officials say the three men face a lengthy course of treatment to help them overcome their addiciton to the game.

"We don't want to lock up these war heroes," said Judge Johnny Suckling. "We just want them to get the help they need and not go back to the self-destructive behavior. So, we've got them enrolled in Cribbaholics Unanimous - a place where they will meet others like themselves and be connected to a worldwide community of recovering cribbaholics via the online resources."

According to Suckling, there are many more people suffering out there who can learn a valuable lesson from these men.

"Lets face it," Suckling said, "These are men of the great generation that fought a world war. If they can get help so can others... just type "Cribbaholics Unanimous" into your favorite online search engine and let the healing begin. Your fears of being skunked are over!"

See original article at www.thespoof.com

The beaver is a proud and noble animal! But will it play cribbage?

From talisker
"The weekend itself was uneventful. I attempted to teach the Grogans how to play cribbage, but since we didn't have a board, we had to rely on pen and paper to keep track of the pegging. Still, we managed to get two hands in and I think it might catch on when we finally do get a peg board."

Full post

Bruce says..."They Can Have My Cribbage Pegs...

...when they pry them from my cold, dead hands."

From the mAssBackwards blog:

"No disrespect intended, but the fact that they're "old veterans" shouldn't even enter the discussion. The fact that American citizens are being assessed a fee [read: confiscatory tax] by the government to play a friggin' game of cribbage should (in a perfect world) be sufficient grounds for armed insurrection."

Full post

Cribbage, cigars, and Canadian men...

From Scott McKeen, The Edmonton Journal
"We used to meet in a cigar shop. That's how the Unauthorized Downtown Edmonton Men's Club formed. There were no dues, or membership lists. One by one we discovered the place, wandered into the back and saw men smoking cigars over cups of espresso, chess boards, cribbage matches, or a game on TV."

Full article

Sunday, November 11, 2007

WWII vets pegged as cribbage criminals...

Sometimes truth is stranger than spoof...

From Jack Battler:

GARDINER, Maine -- A group a World War II veterans are being held without bail on charges related to an illegal gaming ring they ran through their local American Legion Post.

Billy "Point Man" Pegs, Rodney "Cut Throat" Crandal and John "The Jack" Intrown are the apparent ring leaders of this primarily octogenarian syndicate of cribbage playing scallywags. The ring was uncovered last week after a raid on an American Legion post by state inspectors.

"I know what this looks like," said Special Agent Imas Kunker, who was in on the initial raid and in charge of cracking the dastardly ring of patriotic peggers. "The big bad police are picking on poor little old war heroes in wheel chairs, but there is a lot more to the story than meets the eye in this case."

According to Kunker the three ringleaders go well beyond just playing a couple of rounds of the classic game of chance while having a beer with aging foxhole friendlies.

"The thing is," Kunker said. "These guys play cribbage in ways that many of us would never consider. We put up hidden cameras and microphones and you would be shocked at what we learned from monitoring the games. I mean, I've been trying to figure out the game for decades and these guys are spitting out '15-2s', 'double run for 8' and 'For his knobs' like real pros. It's not like we are dealing with novices... these are true cribbage criminals."

Billy Pegs, 87-year-old World War II ex-gunner's mate, admits that paying the $5 entry fee on Sundays is actually a bit more extreme than in the old days. "We used to play a penny a point on the USS Lexington," Pegs said. "Now I guess maybe inflation took over or maybe it was our pure and simple greed that did it. It's true we aren't just having fun any more. It's like a business and everyone wants their cut of the action. It's easy to forget you're playing with friends sometimes.

"I once pegged out 60 points ahead of my best friend from the war Johnny Intrown, or "The Jack", as we call him. Being skunked like that has effects on a person. It's almost like PTSD... and I did it to him like he was some nobody who never stood up for his country," sobbed Pegs. "I'm almost glad we got busted before things got too out of hand."

Article here

Cribbage... it doesn’t thrill me (?!)

from denise at "stripped of natural charm"
"I’ve learned a lot of card games in the past 4 months: cribbage, poker, and rummy. It started with rummy on nights we felt restless, and then we started playing it when we weren’t restless. Jason asked me if I knew how to play cribbage and I admitted that I’d never heard of it before; he picked up a board one day and that became our next card game. We still played rummy and I actually preferred it because while I know how to play cribbage now it doesn’t thrill me."

Full post at: http://dashley.wordpress.com/2007/11/07/new-things/#comment-15346

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cribbage "criminals" of the WWII generation...

From the Boston Channel:
"GARDINER, Maine -- A weekly cribbage tournament at an American Legion post has been shut down after a state inspector said the games were illegal because the post didn't have a license to host games of chance.

Bill Meserve, an 87-year-old World War II veteran, said paying the $5 entry fee on Sundays was an inexpensive way to have fun on a fixed income. He can't understand why anyone would tell a bunch of old veterans they can't play a simple game of cribbage. "We're just having fun.

Where else can you go and spend three hours having fun for five dollars," he said. "You can't go to the movies for five dollars." A number of inspectors regularly visit establishments to check for unlicensed games such as games of chance, card games or money wheels, said Maine State Police Sgt. William Gomane.

The American Legion needs a license to hold cribbage tournaments because it sells things to players, such as food and alcohol, he said. A license for games of chance costs $15 a week or $60 or month, while a yearly license goes for $700, he said."

Original article:

Monday, November 5, 2007

15,705 days of cribbage...

From Brett Rogers' beatcanvas.com:

"Where I live is a wonderful place, surrounded by good neighbors and trees and bike paths and a park nearby. Sitting on my back deck and playing cribbage with Tamara is my every evening's joy, diggin' the scenery and laughing.

Every day is worth so much. I pray that I never waste one day, and that I work to make the most of each precious day."

Complete post: http://www.beatcanvas.com/content_view.asp?id=936

Sunday, November 4, 2007

C. U. Hall of Fame...

"Shrizo" a.k.a. Eric Schroeder
Winner of the first Kings Cribbage Online Tournament - 2007! Congrats!

See his story here


Here is Patti, a true heroine of the game. You can tell just by looking at her sweater.


Want to nominate someone for the Cribbaholics Unanimous Hall of Fame? Just email me at Crashcribbage@yahoo.com.

Cribbage at the summit...

From: Stacey Kawecki – Observer, Mount Washington Observatory
"We work together, eat together, we pass free time playing cribbage, watching movies, hiking, practicing our dance moves, or figuring out what to do with the next snow. This is precisely why working on the summit is such a unique work environment."

Full post at: http://www.mountwashington.org/weather/comments/?year=2007&month=11#3-11-29

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Artillery Brass Cribbage Board .... auction...

From: 45nut
"Marked 4-45 on the bottom, this is handmade and a beautiful piece."
See auction here.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mysterious missing pegs.... within the mayhem...

From Annie's blog, "Peace Within the Mayem"

"It's good to sit for a while in the peace of my kitchen this morning. My mother and aunt and uncle came down from Vermont on Sunday night to spend Monday with us. It was a whirlwind tour of lunches and antiquing, and driving and learning to play cribbage. I have wanted to learn that for years and even bought a cribbage board which sat around the house for about 5 years. I thought it came missing the pegs and directions and finally, since a teacher hadn't been in sight for so many years, threw it out or put it into the goodwill bag just weeks ago. Then my family arrives with a cribbage board and knowledge. Now, if I could find someone else who knew how to play, it could very well be my new addiction. (Oh, they laughed when I said my board hadn't come with pegs. Apparently, there's a slider on the bottom of all of them where the pegs are stored. Mine was all wood so I never noticed it.)"

Full post: http://peacewithinthemayhem.blogspot.com/2007/10/its-good-to-sit-for-while-in-peace-of.html

Cribbage Jack... 13, crib champion...

"Like many teenage boys Jack Beattie loves football, rugby and playing out in the park with his friends but, unlike many of his pals, he is a whizz at the popular pub game cribbage.

The 13-year-old Bloxwich boy proved his prowess this week when he became the youngest player in history to win the Walsall & District Monday Night League Division 2 Captain’s Cup. Jack, captain of his team, played counterparts from four rival pub squads and won every game to take the title. He will be presented with a cup at a presentation ceremony this year.

The Walsall Academy pupil was introduced to cribbage, called crib for short, by his father and now team mate Ian Beattie, who is
landlord of The Royal Exchange, Bloxwich.

He first played at just nine-years-old and took to it like a duck to water.

Full article: http://www.expressandstar.com/2007/10/31/jack-13-is-a-crib-champion/