Thursday, April 24, 2008

The perfect hand...

From Bugle Observer:

"It took 50 years, and thousands of hands of cards, but avid Cribbage player Evelyn Carten of Hartland recently made her first 29 - the highest point total you can get in the popular game.

Avid Cribbage player Evelyn Carten of Hartland, who has been enjoying the sport for 50 years, recently made her first 29 - the highest point total you can get in the popular game.

The dream hand occurred, ironically, on March 29 at her home in Hartland.

Carten, 73, started playing Cribbage in 1958 when she 23 years old.

Since then, she has spent countless hours at the table, with no success in getting the elusive hand.

She was enjoying a friendly game of the popular sport three weeks ago when the inevitable occurred.

"I couldn't believe it myself, but there it was - four 5s, and the 5 of Clubs matched (my) Jack of Clubs," she said. "I was joking earlier that evening that this might be my night to get a 29, but I was more interested in getting my peg past the skunk line than hitting a 29. When it happened, I couldn't believe it. My neighbour, Kevin McDougall, cut the cards on my deal, so I guess it was fate."

Carten said she enjoys playing Cribbage several days a week, mostly for recreation or quality time with family and friends.

"I really love playing Crib," she said. "Maybe it was my time to (finally) get a 29.""

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cribbage and motorcycles...

From David Robert Crews:

"I was setting at the Lodge’s Cribbage Board and Yahtzee Game adorned dining room table, one friend filled Sunday, when I was hit with an epiphany of life affirming solidation. This was after having to hold onto to the table and my chair at least once or twice to keep from sliding off onto the floor into a puddle of pained, side-splitting, laughter. We kept it under control though, because it was 35 to 40 miles to the nearest hospital. And not one doctor in between. Can’t be bustin’ a gut due to overwhelming hilarity way up there in the woods like that."

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cribbage with Jesus, Mary and Joseph...

From Sarah's Ponderings:

"My grandma, Delia Edwards, was born in Ireland many moons ago. Growing up, the only real hint that I had to her heritage was how, when she was frustrated, she would utter the words: Jesus, Mary and Joseph in her authentic Irish brogue...

...Because of my grandmother I wash my face every morning with Pond’s Cold Cream. The little white jar with the green lid was a fixture in her home, and now it is a fixture in mine. I enjoy trips to the bookstore, partly because once a year she took her grandchildren book shopping. This is a tradition that my mom continues with my children. I love playing cribbage and reading People magazine. These were all things that I learned at my grandmother’s home..."

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Perfect man... cribbage player...

From Gertrude Granny Panties:

– Makes fun a little.
– Doesn’t like little dogs.
– Doesn’t have a truck so big I can’t get into it without flashing my goodies.
– Is more butch than I am.
– Is a balance between metro and rugged.
– Has to be taller and weigh more than I do.
– Has no homosexual tendencies.
– But is not homophobic.
– Can handle the interaction between my sister and I.
– Thinks I’m sexy.
– Is a handyman. Or at least can fix what I can’t.
– Is similar to my dad, but more romantic.
– Is good at heart.
– Doesn’t belittle.
– Thinks I am everything he has ever dreamed of.
– Takes vacations.
– Doesn’t need to be entertained.
– Pays enough attention to me, but doesn’t smother.
– Gives constructive criticism.
– Is confident.
– Is not jealous. I am flirty by nature.
– Thinks I’m cool ;)
– Doesn’t drink caffeine drinks (energy drinks).
– Likes hot tea.
– Appreciates my morals/hard work.
– Knows I will never cheat.
– Can be with the guys.
– Let’s me be one of the guys.
– Takes care of me when I am sick.
– Surprises me.
– Doesn’t smoke. (Unless he is on fire ;)
– Thinks I should be in a safe car.
– Holds the door open for me.
– Has a college degree.
– Is artistic.
– Wears converse sneakers.
– Has a good sense of humor.
– Is passionate about life and about me.
– Is political.
– Loves red wine.
– Will take me dancing.
– Has his own (running) vehicle.
– Is older than me.
– Has strong hands and long fingers.
– Is respectful.
– Is drama free and proud of it.
– Is motivated.
– Has a good appetite and can out eat me at every sitting.
– Lets me be me.
– Has his own place.
– Loves the rain.
– Is NOT from Clatsop County.
– Volunteers to change the oil in my car.
– Respects my challenges/ insecurities.
– Doesn’t hold me back.
– Doesn’t hold back.
– Loves architecture and history.
– Has curly/waxy hair.
– Has minimal body hair (though a bit furry is growing on me).
– Thinks I should get regular massages ;)
– Understands that I work just as hard as he does.
– Is responsible.
– Does not make excuses.
– Only apologizes when he really means it.
– Follows through with promises.
– Likes talk radio.
– And F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
– Can compromise.
– Is strong willed.
– Makes good money (is financially stable).
– Makes me want to be a better person.
– Is not an alcoholic.
– Loves sex. A lot.
– Is open to wearing pink.
– Likes sushi.
– Helps teach me how to cook.
– Wants to know me.
– Asks the questions others don’t.
– Can hold a conversation for hours.
– Reads my poetry.
– Appreciates me.
– Knows my favorite flowers.
– Leaves notes on my car.
– Encourages me to love and learn.
– Wants to travel.
– Plays chess and cribbage.
– Loves board games.
– Reads the paper and watches the news (to keep me informed ;)
– Likes the way I dress.
– Dresses the way I like (on his own of course).
– Is not an angry person.
– Isn’t over emotional.
– Has his own life.
– Is not co-dependent.
– Is my (second to Meags) best friend.
– Has no desire to ever do drugs.
– Loves to read.
– Takes care of his body.
– Eats healthy (and inspires me to do the same).
– Thinks I am beautiful.
– Understands my personality.
– Applauds my strengths and downplays my weaknesses.
– Is in to things I am not.
– Is a nerd.
– Likes to joke around.
– Loves his family.
– Doesn’t want children but is great with kids.
– Will never cheat.

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Arthur W. Beyer

Arthur W. Beyer, age 70 of Marshfield, died Tuesday March 18, 2008 at the Colonial Center in Colby, Wisconsin.

Mr. Beyer was born June 4, 1937 in Sheboygan, the son of Floyd and Dorothy (Sand) Beyer.

He graduated from Sheboygan North High School. Arthur then played semi-pro football for the Sheboygan Red Wings.

Following his education Mr. Beyer entered the US Marines where he served for two years, he continued his military service in the US Navy, serving an additional four years of duty.

Upon returning from his military service Artie moved to Englewood California where he owned and operated Artie's Gym, a physical fitness center for 17years.

Artie was a motorcycle enthusiast and former member of the Sheboygan County Motorcycle Club. He enjoyed playing cribbage and was an avid Chicago Bears and Clubs fan.

Mr. Beyer was a member of the Church of Christ in Marshfield.

He is lovingly survived by one sister, Beverly (Jack) Wirtz, Sheboygan, two nieces, Wendy Lutz, Chippewa Falls, WI and Lori Mayer, Mequon, WI as well as dear friends, Deanna and Mark Anderson.

No funeral services are scheduled at this time. Interment will be in the Wildwood Cemetery, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Hansen Funeral Home is assisting the family with arrangements.

The Sheboygan Press

March 20, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008

Alaskan king cribbage...

From Alaska=Home:

"Here is my cribbage board, yes its also a 24 in walrus tusk! That is how you play cribbage eskimo style. This stands from the ground to a little past my knee!"

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Cribbage crawlin'...

From PubCrawlin'

"We walked inside to find a small bar to seat five and two tree trunk-cut tables with cribbage holes drilled right into them. The brewing room was also at the entrance, housing what is probably a 2 or 3 barrel system (we didn’t check it out that closely, nor did we ask.) In the dining area there are about 15 small tables - some of them pulled together to accommodate groups. Inside there is a feeling of late summer where the walls meet the ceiling. Hop bines have been painted there, as if to bring the patio feel inside all year long (the painting is simple, yet beautiful, featuring a variety of identifiable insects including ladybugs, moths and butterflies. There are big windows to the outside, and some small stained glass interior windows featuring shafts of grain. Outside, the world is completely white and a cold wet snow is falling hard - the only color comes from the cars traveling by."

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beer bottle cribbage board... cool!

From Splinter's Woodworks:

"Recently I have been working on a project for the Deschutes Brewery in Bend Oregon. They wanted a cribbage board which would promote their business and the game of cribbage. I am honored they chose Splinters Woodworks to work on this project with them. Look for this completed board soon. It can only be obtained by contacting the Deschutes Brewery, but I will have completed photos here and on my website. "

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Cribbage hour -- in the dark...

You know, when cribbage was ivented there was no such thing as electric lights. So it only seems fitting that everyone who is going to participate in the "Earth Hour", when people turn out their lights for an hour, should also embrace cribbage for that entire hour. Sir Suckling would approve.

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From GardenPunks:

"How did you spend Earth Hour 2008?


100% candlelight
A game of cribbage
Power nap
After our game of cribbage, we were both really tired so we laid down until my alarm went off at 9pm. We had to go to the store to get the dog some food and get some blueberries for muffins tomorrow (a real homemade treat that I rarely make!)

Chris and I both felt the sleepy effects of turning off the man-made light nearly immediately. We both wanted to go to bed."

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Blissful Cribbage days...

From Blissful Days:

"The time travel was necessary to see results of how we teach/preach

In the evening we decided to play some games.
Randy beat me the other day at Rummy so I wanted a rematch.
We played a couple of games of Rummy before trying cribbage.
Randy had not played before and it had been awhile for me.
We successfully found the rules online and printed them."

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Cribbage with the Wizard...

From The Wizard of idM's Weblog:

"The other funny thing was my cribbage match, long overdue, with Wendy. She won the first game and admittedly I barely avoided being skunked. The second game I skunked her pretty good, though of course she downplayed it. Now I have to let you know that because of my eyesight I have to have my opponent score for me. Playing others this has never been an issue. With Wendy it became an issue. I was beating her pretty good when I looked down and could tell that my scoring path had both her peg and mine. She had all kinds of excuses, but it was very funny. We all laughed and I almost couldn’t stop. Oh, and I won - best of three"

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