Thursday, July 31, 2008

Young cribbaholic...

From Heringer's Blog:

Looks like another candidate for Cribbaholics Unanimous!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cribbage for college...

From TheCollegeBoundResource:

Lindsay says,

"Ok, I stink at cribbage. But that doesn't mean you do. Or your kids. Or your friends. If you're good at Cribbage (or know someone who is), I think you should check out The Granite City Junior Classic Tournament in St. Cloud, MN. First place wins $500, runner-up gets $250. For more information on this event, click here.

Before I continue, I need to have an I-told-you-so moment (am I not always telling you there are scholarships for everything!?!) Never underestimate any of your skills or activities, they might just be what gets you a scholarship!

Ok, I've regained my composure. If you don't live in Minnesota, or just can't make this tournament, don't fret. There are other tournaments around the country. If you want more information about a Cribbage tournament in your area, just visit www.cribbage.org."

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Joe says: "I never thought of that, but yeah, why not play cribbage tournaments to help fund your college??? It's creative, original and you get to play cribbage. Of course this all presumes you have some level of skill at cribbage."

Rockland reunion and cribbage...

From WickedLocal.com: Rockland

In the year 1640, James and Mary Phipps ventured across the sea from Bristol, England to America.
After their two adventurous sons, John and William, discovered 300,000 pounds of sterling in a Spanish shipwreck, the young men brought the treasure to King James II of England who then knighted William for his honesty and appointed him the first Royal Governor of Massachusetts.

“We are the descendents of Sir William Phipps,” Halifax resident Joan (Ewell) Towne said during an interview this week. “Before Sir William’s brother John died, he asked [William] to adopt his son. The Ewells descend directly from John Phipps, so we are the collateral descendents of Sir William Phipps.”

This past Sunday (July 20), the Ewell family of Rockland hosted its 90th annual reunion, a tradition the family has followed since 1918 when Teresa Phipps hosted the very first...

...“We’ve been having the same old-fashioned family reunion for the past 90 years,” Towne said, smiling. “Everyone knows the schedule and everyone looks forward to it.”

Since 1918, the Ewell family has been holding a family reunion every summer at a different home. Although a good portion of the family lives in Rockland, there are always a few families who travel great distances to get there. For example, this year Jenny Dowling is flying in from Jacksonville, Florida.

“The reunion has never been rained out,” Towne explained. In response, Joan’s cousin Deirdre (Ewell) Thibault of Rockland, laughed as she knocked on the wooden table where the two were sitting, hoping to ensure their good luck would continue.
“I’ve been going to this reunion my whole life and it’s something I always look forward to, especially the water balloon toss,” Thibault added. The party is known for its old-fashioned games like the balloon toss, horseshoes, sack races, and cribbage games for the older family members.

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Cribbage on the Ferry...

From Full House:

"On our way home yesterday afternoon, we had about a 2-hour wait for the ferry from Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay. Much to our delight, we found that the ferry terminal had seating right on the water...the building had glass doors that they opened in nice weather! So Don and I sat and played a couple of games of cribbage which I won and that made the time go by much faster for me anyways...."

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Thankful Thursdays and cribbage addictions...

From Ultrabeautyboutique:

New addictions (yes! I really am thankful for these new addictions).

Oh my, if you haven’t played cribbage, you must play. It had been a while since I played and another cribbage addict showed me the ropes again and I was hooked. It’s been heaven-on-earth ever since. So EVERY night my husband and I play cribbage (he never forgot how and usually wins).

Every once in a while our 11 year old will join us (when he’s not on runescape or xbox). It’s great for his math skills.

Over the weekend we had a family reunion here (more on that during We Are THAT Family’s vacation week) and I roped my BIL into playing so I could feed my addiction...

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The curse of the "commanding lead"

From Kirsten's Musings:

"I lost the Cribbage Cup a few weeks ago, so I decided that it was time to win it back. I issued a challenge to the Mighty Joe Roberts, stating that it was time for the Cup to return to the west side of the building. He accepted the challenge, and the game was on.

He got off to a big lead in the first game, but I managed to keep it close. He'd have a 16-point hand followed by 2- and 6- point hands, so my steady flow of 8- and 10- point hands kept me within striking distance. Unfortunately he managed to peg out before I could make my final push. Game 1, Mighty Joe.

In the second game it was my turn to go out to a big lead. After the first turn I was ahead by 33 points, which prompted Mighty Joe to comment that I had a "commanding lead." Aaargh...this is the curse of death in our cribbage matches. Just about any time someone is noted to have a "commanding lead," it evaporates, and this was no exception. He kept chipping away at my lead, passing me on the last leg. It stayed close to the end, but I couldn't retake the lead. Game 2, and Match, Mighty Joe.

I know that Rajiv the Tiger wants to take a shot at Mighty Joe, so we'll see how next week's games go. Joe's had the Cup for far too long..."

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cribbage gets modern “e”nhancement

A Cribbaholics Unanimous exclusive
By Joe Kane

Online game designer and San Diego resident Damien Blond is creating a revolution in online gaming; not because he has the most game designs (so far he’s focused on cribbage and its variations) or even the most subscribers to his site (yet) but rather because he has a vision of online gaming that is family friendly, diverse and FUN. It’s a vision of an online community gathering place that connects people through games rather than just another detached site where you kill time playing meaningless games against no one.

Blond recently quit his job as a programmer for a cell phone company in San Diego to pursue his dream of working full time on his latest project: eCribbage.com. The site currently offers King’s Cribbage, Traditional Cribbage and a fledgling version of Cribbage with muggins but is already becoming “the place to go” for online cribbage and its variations.

“I wanted to provide a place for cribbage fanatics to play any kind of cribbage they’re interested in, not just standard cribbage,” he said. “The goal is to make this the most comprehensive and complete online cribbage community on the Web, with a family-friendly online gaming community that instills a sense of camaraderie among users and with a gaming platform that makes it easy to integrate future cribbage variants.”

With eCribbage.com Blond has taken a major first step in achieving that goal. The site has been live for about a month and serves as the hub for the growing community of users, many of who regularly comment on how addicting the user-friendly environment is. Some players have even made voluntary donations to support the site, which is also supported by revenue from advertisers.

Blond says the reason the site is so different from other sites is simply because there is no place else that has what eCribbage offers, including:

- The largest range of cribbage variants! Nowhere else online can you play a game of traditional cribbage, then put jokers in there, play a game of Kings Cribbage, and then try to lose at losers cribbage, all from the same site.

- Friendliness of community; this is a family friendly site unlike other robotic sites with no communication among users.

- Dynamic updates of site, something new is happening every day.

- Triathlon type tournaments, where you need to be the best overall at 3 or 4 different games to win.

- Personalization, soon you will be able to personalize stats pages with avatars and goodies etc.

- Event/theme days i.e. July 4th, Disco night, etc.

From my own experience with the games at eCribbage one of the most valuable and satisfying things about the site is that if you have a question or a problem there is someone to ask for solutions and answers. Blond is almost always online and when he isn’t the hardcore group of users can answer many of the routine questions new players to the site will ask. In addition to the support, the fact that you can track your rating against other players over time makes it a lot of fun to interact online with people from all over the world. Mini rivalries and tournaments help to make eCribbage a place that is enjoyable to go to rather than just another place to be isolated.

As for the future of eCribbage.com, Blond says there are a couple of key dates to watch for:

1. August 9th is the next online Kings Cribbage tournament.

2. July 28th is the targeted release of the "Cribbage with Muggins" game.

Blond adds that he expects eCribbage will become the largest, most fun place to play any type of cribbage online. “I am envisioning a huge boom of growth to surpass ten thousand users in 2009,” he said.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

King’s Cribbage gets connection to Cribbage homeland

A Cribbaholics Unanimous exclusive
By Joe Kane

As readers of Cribbaholics Unanimous know, I am a big fan of King’s Cribbage. I have the board game, which Roy Cowley (of COCOCO Games, Inc.) was kind enough to send to me while I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 – 2008, and I can often be found at eCribbage.com playing the online version of KC at all hours of the day or night (when I’m not taking a break for pesky things like work, sleep, eating, family, etc). What you may not know is that King’s Cribbage is based in Canada and has largely sold to Canadian and U.S. markets… until now!

King’s Cribbage now has a distributor in the United Kingdom, which is only fitting since the UK is the birthplace of Cribbage. According to Corrina Turner, one half of the father/daughter team that runs “King’s Cribbage Connection UK,” the company was set up in early 2008 to be the springboard for KC in the UK.

“We are a family business in Somerset distributing Kings Cribbage… in association with a major Canadian games manufacturer COCOCO games,” said Turner. “Having always been keen card and board players, Cribbage in particular, we opportunely fell upon Kings Cribbage while surfing the net. We tried the game out and were so impressed we just had to contact the manufacturer to buy the game for family and friends. It turned out the company was looking for a UK outlet to sell their game and we would be a natural fit for them. We are very pleased to say we are now their UK sole distributor.”

Turner believes the market holds massive potential. In the UK “cribbage is played for fun to a very serious club level,” she said. “More importantly we want to bring the game particularly to young people who never had the opportunity to play cribbage before. We feel that the KC board game and Damien Blond’s* fabulous online version has a lot to offer to cribbage players.

“We are delighted with our new Web site www.kingscribbageuk.com and we hope we have given it a unique UK feel. The site in due course will be a portal for anybody who wants to find out where to play and buy the game in the UK.

“We are introducing Kings Cribbage to new player’s everyday - we still have a lot of work in front of us but the challenge has now begun…and we are getting ready for it!”

Turner and her father are using a “grass roots” strategy to help build the growing community of KC players in the UK.

“We think the best starting point is to move with social clubs and pubs. We hope this will establish Kings Cribbage nationally at these venues to run alongside with the traditional cribbage leagues. Currently we are working on introducing KC workshops to as many clubs, which is a lot of fun,” Turner said. “We are really looking forward to the UK being part to of a great ‘King’s Cribbage Global community’ with players who just love playing the game.

“We have had fantastic support from Roy Cowley and Damien Blond from the beginning on this project, and we’d like to say a very big thank you,” Turner said.

To check out the Web site for King’s Cribbage Connection UK go to: www.kingscribbageuk.com

To try King’s Cribbage Online go to the new home for free Cribbage on the Web: eCribbage.com. Look for me there and challenge me to a game of KC or traditional Cribbage. There is even a new version with muggings!

Cheers, and happy pegging everyone!

*Damien Blond is the designer of KC online

Monday, July 21, 2008

Play more cribbage, laugh more, live more...

From Play More, Laugh More, Live More:

"...My papa is so smart and just funny as can be. He's used the same jokes throughout my entire life, but I never tire of his smile as he answers his own jokes for me. One of my favorite things to do with him is play cribbage, and he without fail (except for once this weekend) beats me. I thought cribbage was all based on the cards, but he's proved me wrong time and time again. He really just lights up the room and makes everyone feel comfortable..."

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kitchens and cribbage...

From Be Not Idle:

"... until I moved into this house, most of the kitchens I’ve been in have had a counter or “passthrough” separating it from the dining area. That doesn’t mean that people didn’t gather in the kitchen; it meant that they usually stood up when they did. The passthroughs kept a nice distance between the busy cook and her guests. (Holidays weren’t complete until Mom snapped “Get out of my kitchen!” to a would-be moocher, most often Dad.)

The passthroughs were the perfect height for leaning, or were short enough to be accompanied by barstools. Cleaning up afterwards is a group project, with the table cleared of dirty dishes and immediately filled with whatever game is beginning. Most nights it’s either a card game or a cribbage game. And there is always talking back and forth.

My father recalls his mother and aunts in the kitchen, laughing and chattering like magpies. He gets a happy smile on his face when he talks about it...."

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Cribbage at Grinnell Lake...

From Dougie B.:

"...Walking out and making it back to camp, I believe it was a night of rice, sausage and cheese over a pair of cribbage games. If my memory serves me, it was the first night of a liz-victory for the entirety of trip, as my cribbage prowess had been on overdrive until then, powering me to 5 straight victories from the previous number of days. I only mention this because it will most likely never happen again..."

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Cape Cod cribbage...

From Lifeandstyleforless:

"...The beaches on Cape Cod are beautiful! When the tide goes out, shellfishing is a favorite pastime of the local residents. I enjoy walking the flats and collecting shells. My husband and I also like to play cribbage on the beach. We had our usual annual beach cribbage tournament this year, which ended in a tie..."

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mutant cribbage board...

From cgyrask:

"The game was going fine until I had a high-scoring hand and wanted to move my peg in bunches of five instead of counting each individual point. It was then that I had noticed that while the holes were divided into groups of five, there were only four holes per group.

So, instead of the industry standard 120 points per game, our board can only play up to 96 points...."

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First KCO doubles tournament concludes...

Congratulations to the winners of the first King's Cribbage online doubles tournament! Mikey316 and Cribbage King faced down the competition and came out victorious! Stay tuned to KCO at it's new address www.ecribbage.com for future tournaments.