Sunday, August 31, 2008

35 and counting...

Yup, we are now up to 35 countries with people visiting C.U.! Pretty exciting, eh?


Revenge of Wendy... (?)

From WizIDm:

"Don called today to inform me that he is giving me a small amount of space in his update. I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that I feel no resentment towards Don even though he has consistently maligned and libeled, yes, libeled me in his otherwise inspiring epistles. No bitterness do I feel though I have been approached by strangers who, upon hearing my name, raise their eyebrows and say, “Oh, you’re that Wendy!” I bear him no ill will as he is a man, competitive and fragile in nature (I took Intro. to Psychology in college) and I understand his need for constant validation of his supposed superiority. I am quite content to allow him to claim victory in our little card games if it makes him feel good. I will take this one, small opportunity to say that Eileen and I have had our fair share of wins and as a matter of fact I trounced him at Cribbage twice this week but you won’t hear about that in the update, no…still, no malice has entered my heart. Just remember, dear reader, that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet."

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Cribbage and simple justice...

From Simple Justice:

"Finally, the second defense attorney, gets his turn at bat:

After the jury has had breaks between Marty and Rogosheske’s closing statements, all are seated and ready to hear the words of the loquacious Mr. Short.
His closing argument is dramatic, his voice rising to a shout at some points, and dropping to a whisper at others. The government has tried to put “round pegs in square holes and left splinters all over the courtroom,” he says. Flapping his long arms like a seagull headed out to sea, Short tells the jury that the defense lawyers could have “come in here and played cribbage for two weeks and the result would have been the same.” The government’s case doesn’t “make a lick of sense,” he says.

After an hour, Judge Patrick Schiltz cautions Short that it’s time to wrap it up. Short goes on for another 20 minutes until he gets to his grand finale:

“There is only one verdict you can return,” he tells the jury in a booming voice. “And that is GUILTY.”

“You mean ‘not guilty,’” Schiltz whispers to Short."

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The elusive 19...

From FlansburgFamily:

On the plus side:
We got $1200 in vouchers,
We may get to fly first class for one of our flights back,
We got meal vouchers,
We didn't get our checked luggage back so we won't have to check it again and it'll be waiting for us in Syracuse,
We got to spend another night with Dane's dad (where we played some cribbage and Dane got a hand of 19 - told to be impossible in cribbage!)

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tournament results from eCribbage.com

From Damien Blond:

"Congrats to Corrina Turner who took the Gold in KC Tourney #3! In an intense final match against Phildog, she won by 8 pts. She played 16 games overall and played at least 3 games every round, what a cinderella story. Corrina boosted her rating to an all time high over 6 months and brings UK the gold :)"

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cribbage: Card game of Vermont...

From No Grandmother:


"Constant games of cribbage: this was the game of the pre-dinner cocktail hour, and I was shocked to recently discover that my sister never learned. I remember Gogo teaching me and Liz together. He had a very effective method of teaching the rules: if we missed a point, he would take it. He had a whole series of Cribbage Sayings: "cut 'em deep, sleep in the street," "15-2, 15-4, and there ain't no more."

I taught my friend Lara how to play cribbage, and we would play constantly when we were on debate trips---it was on one trip that I lost Dad's cribbage board and had to buy him a new one. There was a man who would go with us as chaperone and judge (he was not a parent, so I don't remember why he was interested) who had an old travel-size cribbage board that had been given to him by his grandfather, and he gave it to me because she and I were the only people he had known since his grandfather to play the game. I still have it.

I would love to teach my Wicked Stepchildren how to play: I think 2 of them might even be interested."

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Pegged out: Dorothy Alvina (Pratt) Ostby...

From Hudson Star Observer

Dorothy Alvina (Pratt) Ostby, 92, of Rochester, Minn. (formerly of Hudson) died on Tuesday, July 22, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester.
Dorothy was born on May 2, 1916, in North Hudson to Ralph and Hilda (Kurrasch) Pratt. She grew up in North Hudson, where she attended elementary school, and graduated from Hudson High School.

In July of 1938, Dorothy married Robert Melton in North Hudson. The two were blessed with five children.

In 1967, Robert passed away.
In 1972, Dorothy was married to James Ostby in Hudson. The marriage to James brought two more children to the family. After James passed away, Dorothy remained with her family, first in Hudson, then for 15 years in Waukesha, and finally in Rochester.

Dorothy’s family kept her very busy, but she still enjoyed other activities and organizations. She would crochet often and was well-known for her skills in bread making. She was active in her church as a volunteer and, in Hudson, was a member of the Rebecca Lodge.

Dorothy was always up for a game of cribbage or solitaire, and was a big fan of strong coffee with flavored creamers, “Judge Judy” and old western TV shows. She loved anything that had to do with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and enjoyed the company of her cat, Chloe, who she took in and took care of as a sick kitten.

Dorothy touched many lives. She will be missed and loved by her family and friends including her children, Carole (Jack) Anderson of Maplewood, Minn., Polly Daniels of State College, Pa., Debra (Les) Heffron of Pittsburg, Pa., Bob (Bette) Melton of Oronoco, Minn., Janet Melton of Rochester, Minn., Dave (Connie) Ostby of Hudson and Janet Evjen of Hudson;

Grandchildren, Lynn (Mark) Berens of Oakdale, Minn., Greg (Kim) Anderson of Brookings, S.D., Paul (Jill) Daniels of Rochester, Minn., Ann (Matt) Kennedy of Massachusetts, Meggan Melton of Minneapolis, Mollie Melton of Florida, Aaron (Jennifer) Heffron of Purcellville, Va., Amber (Scott) Powell of Pittsburg, Penn., Adia Loralei of Wisconsin, Troy Ostby of Hudson, Travis (Katie) Ostby of Hammond, Eric Evjen of St. Paul, Shannon Evjen of Seattle, Wash., and Tara Evjen of Hudson; and 13 beloved great-grandchildren.

Dorothy is preceded in death by her parents, Ralph and Hilda (Kurrasch) Pratt, and husbands, Robert Melton and James Ostby.

Funeral services were Friday, July 25, at the O’Connell Family Funeral Home in Hudson. Pastor Dennis Nelson from Bethel Lutheran Church officiated and Lynn Berens, Paul Daniels, Aaron Heffron, Meggan Melton, Travis Ostby and Ann Kennedy were the casket bearers.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks for donations to be made in her name to St. Andrew’s Church in Waukesha, any local food pantry or any osteoporosis foundation.

Services were handled by O’Connell Family Funeral Home in Hudson.