Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cribbage for college...

From TheCollegeBoundResource:

Lindsay says,

"Ok, I stink at cribbage. But that doesn't mean you do. Or your kids. Or your friends. If you're good at Cribbage (or know someone who is), I think you should check out The Granite City Junior Classic Tournament in St. Cloud, MN. First place wins $500, runner-up gets $250. For more information on this event, click here.

Before I continue, I need to have an I-told-you-so moment (am I not always telling you there are scholarships for everything!?!) Never underestimate any of your skills or activities, they might just be what gets you a scholarship!

Ok, I've regained my composure. If you don't live in Minnesota, or just can't make this tournament, don't fret. There are other tournaments around the country. If you want more information about a Cribbage tournament in your area, just visit www.cribbage.org."

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Joe says: "I never thought of that, but yeah, why not play cribbage tournaments to help fund your college??? It's creative, original and you get to play cribbage. Of course this all presumes you have some level of skill at cribbage."

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