Wednesday, July 23, 2008

King’s Cribbage gets connection to Cribbage homeland

A Cribbaholics Unanimous exclusive
By Joe Kane

As readers of Cribbaholics Unanimous know, I am a big fan of King’s Cribbage. I have the board game, which Roy Cowley (of COCOCO Games, Inc.) was kind enough to send to me while I was deployed to Iraq in 2007 – 2008, and I can often be found at eCribbage.com playing the online version of KC at all hours of the day or night (when I’m not taking a break for pesky things like work, sleep, eating, family, etc). What you may not know is that King’s Cribbage is based in Canada and has largely sold to Canadian and U.S. markets… until now!

King’s Cribbage now has a distributor in the United Kingdom, which is only fitting since the UK is the birthplace of Cribbage. According to Corrina Turner, one half of the father/daughter team that runs “King’s Cribbage Connection UK,” the company was set up in early 2008 to be the springboard for KC in the UK.

“We are a family business in Somerset distributing Kings Cribbage… in association with a major Canadian games manufacturer COCOCO games,” said Turner. “Having always been keen card and board players, Cribbage in particular, we opportunely fell upon Kings Cribbage while surfing the net. We tried the game out and were so impressed we just had to contact the manufacturer to buy the game for family and friends. It turned out the company was looking for a UK outlet to sell their game and we would be a natural fit for them. We are very pleased to say we are now their UK sole distributor.”

Turner believes the market holds massive potential. In the UK “cribbage is played for fun to a very serious club level,” she said. “More importantly we want to bring the game particularly to young people who never had the opportunity to play cribbage before. We feel that the KC board game and Damien Blond’s* fabulous online version has a lot to offer to cribbage players.

“We are delighted with our new Web site www.kingscribbageuk.com and we hope we have given it a unique UK feel. The site in due course will be a portal for anybody who wants to find out where to play and buy the game in the UK.

“We are introducing Kings Cribbage to new player’s everyday - we still have a lot of work in front of us but the challenge has now begun…and we are getting ready for it!”

Turner and her father are using a “grass roots” strategy to help build the growing community of KC players in the UK.

“We think the best starting point is to move with social clubs and pubs. We hope this will establish Kings Cribbage nationally at these venues to run alongside with the traditional cribbage leagues. Currently we are working on introducing KC workshops to as many clubs, which is a lot of fun,” Turner said. “We are really looking forward to the UK being part to of a great ‘King’s Cribbage Global community’ with players who just love playing the game.

“We have had fantastic support from Roy Cowley and Damien Blond from the beginning on this project, and we’d like to say a very big thank you,” Turner said.

To check out the Web site for King’s Cribbage Connection UK go to: www.kingscribbageuk.com

To try King’s Cribbage Online go to the new home for free Cribbage on the Web: eCribbage.com. Look for me there and challenge me to a game of KC or traditional Cribbage. There is even a new version with muggings!

Cheers, and happy pegging everyone!

*Damien Blond is the designer of KC online

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