Friday, July 25, 2008

Thankful Thursdays and cribbage addictions...

From Ultrabeautyboutique:

New addictions (yes! I really am thankful for these new addictions).

Oh my, if you haven’t played cribbage, you must play. It had been a while since I played and another cribbage addict showed me the ropes again and I was hooked. It’s been heaven-on-earth ever since. So EVERY night my husband and I play cribbage (he never forgot how and usually wins).

Every once in a while our 11 year old will join us (when he’s not on runescape or xbox). It’s great for his math skills.

Over the weekend we had a family reunion here (more on that during We Are THAT Family’s vacation week) and I roped my BIL into playing so I could feed my addiction...

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