Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Q & A with COCOCO Games, Roy Cowley

The following is a Q & A with COCOCO Games owner Roy Cowley, maker of Kings Cribbage, a game that incorporates elements of Cribbage and Scrabble to form an exciting game that has continued to grow in popularity and has recently been made into an online game where it continues to draw players from all over the world. Thanks Roy!

Name: Roy Cowley
Age: 35
Born and raised: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Company: COCOCO Games, maker of “Kings Cribbage” – The King of all Cribbage Games
Web site: http://www.cococogames.com

[The following is all direct quotes from Roy Cowley]

“My father, a born entrepreneur, came up with the novel idea of combining two all-time family favorites, cribbage and crossword puzzles, to make a whole new game. He invited myself (in construction at the time) and my brother-in-law (a New Zealand Shepherd), to all forgo our salaries and join him on this adventure. How could we say no?

We started by making 1700 games in a small warehouse. Me and my brother-in-law slogged away on table saws all summer. Next we rented space in a local shopping mall for the Christmas season, and miraculously sold out on Christmas eve. Early in the new year, we started getting rave emails coming in from customers wanting more. The cribbage players were loving it! We were worried whether cribbage players would be open to this new concept, but they emailed in droves, wanting to buy more games.

Once the snowball started rolling, stores were contacting us. They had people coming in requesting the game all the time. Since then, we’ve had our ups and downs on the business side, but demand has always steadily increased. The wonderful thing about inventing something people truly use and recommend is that eventually, the stores come to you.

Last year, a cribbage player from California named Damien Blond decided to make an online version of Kings Cribbage. He wasn’t looking for anything from us, he just wanted to play Kings Cribbage with his friends and family who still lived in other parts of the world, including up here in Canada. He contacted me to show us what he’d created. I couldn’t believe that someone would take the time to create such a wonderful online version of Kings Cribbage, all in his spare time. He clearly loved the game, and he could destroy me in head-to-head matches. He asked if I would mind him putting it up for public use. Kings Cribbage online was born: http://www.kingscribbageonline.com

Kings Cribbage going online has it’s perks! The best one is that I can play Kings Cribbage with our customers. This allows me to have a candid chat with Joe and Jane Sixpack about the game, where they are from, where they heard about the game, etc, all while enjoying a spirited game. This helps me make proper decisions about where to market, what should be included in future editions of the game, etc.

COCOCO Games will continue to make Kings Cribbage for the long haul. We’ve continuously focused on our customer service, providing free replacement of lost tiles, daily responses to the public’s emails, and just helping out wherever we can. I want all of our customers to know that we are a family business, first and foremost.”


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