Thursday, June 5, 2008

22 Cribbaholic Countries!

We just added India to our growing list of countries that have visited Cribbaholics Unanimous! Pretty exciting I think. If you want to help me get to every country in the world then just call up your friends in Cameroon, Congo and Chile... as well as countries that don't begin with the letter "c" and tell then to check out C.U. online. What is the great incentive you ask???

Hmmm, that's a good question. You can't play games here, you can't really buy anything (unless you want to click the link to buy my Crash Cribbage game) and you can't even chat with people here... So, what is it that people come to C.U. for?

The answer: to read stories about other cribbage players around the world, to participate in the "larger game" going on all around us, to find commonalities with a global community, to realize that we are NOT ALONE in a cribbageless world... or perhaps we are bored and just looking for a game of cribbage... which we inevitably DON'T find here, but maybe click on a link and go to Kings Cribbage Online where they now offer regular cribbage as well as King's Cribbage -- and both for FREE! That is truly a great site if you love cribbage.


Cheers, and Happy pegging,

P.s. While I was writing this post we added yet another country to the list - not sure if it was Japan or Greece... I can't keep up with it all!!!!

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